Choosing a Nail Salon

Choosing a nail salon is a unique and personal process, and no two people are drawn to the same things. Some people enjoy a very modern space with sleek design features and glamorous clientele, whereas other people prefer a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Whatever your style preference may be, there are some things you should always look for before you give a nail salon your business. A substandard salon can leave you vulnerable to infections, nail fungus, or even more serious health problems, so make sure to check out the safety of any salon before you make an appointment. Here are a few simple tips to help you tell if a nail salon is up to par.

Use Your Senses: Smell

Trusting your senses can help you scope out a nail salon. When you walk into a salon, start by taking a deep breath. If you smell a strong, unpleasant odor, walk right out the door. Although a faint hint of polish in the air is fine, a very intense smell of any kind could be a sign of a ventilation problem. During the course of your manicure or pedicure you will come into close contact with a variety of chemicals, so an inadequately vented space can be dangerous. Look for a salon where the air moves freely and carries odors away. If a salon feels or smells stuffy, it is not a healthy environment for you to be in.

Use Your Senses: Look

Almost every state in the union requires that a nail technician must visibly display his or her license complete with photo identification. If you don’t see a license, ask the manicurist or pedicurist to produce one for you. A professional nail technician should be used to this familiar request and will be able and willing to show you his or her state certified license. If he or she is at all resistant to your question, it is a good idea to take your business elsewhere.

Use Your Senses: Listen

Listen to feedback from satisfied customers, or to complaints from people who did not get the kind of service or safe treatment that they had hoped for. To find a reputable nail salon, ask friends or neighbors if they have a recommendation. Hearing about a firsthand experience with a nail salon is one of the very best ways to tell if they follow safety regulations. In addition to asking around, check with the Better Business Bureau to see if a salon has had any complaints filed against them, or has a history of violating health or safety codes. A clean salon should have a clean record.

Relax And Enjoy

Choosing a nail salon isn’t always a simple matter. Before you give your hands into the care of your manicurist, or surrender your tender toes to the whims of your pedicurist, you will want to feel certain that the establishment you are in is safe and hygienic. A manicure or a pedicure is meant to be a relaxing treatment that makes you feel like royalty, but when you’re not certain about whether you have chosen the right nail salon, you’re likely to feel more like a nervous wreck than like a queen bee. Picking a salon that lets you feel comfortable because you know it is a safe and healthy environment is a crucial part of your pampering experience.

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