How To Care for Eyeliner Pencils and Brushes

Eyeliner pencils and brushes are the cosmetic tools that assist you in adding to your overall look and personality. Therefore, they need proper care in return so that they can be sustained for a longer period of time. Cleaning and caring for the Eyeliner Pencils and Brushes is very effortless and an easy activity, but we ignore it due to our own laziness. However, you might not be aware of side effects of unclean eye pencils and brush. Eyes are the most sensitive parts of your body and can get damaged with the dust and chemical particles carried by the eye pencils and brushes. As a result, they can affect your eyesight as well.

Things Required:

– Cosmetic Sanitizer or 70-percent alcohol
– Clean towel or piece of cloth
– Tissue Paper
– Soap-water Mixture
– Makeup Remover


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    Use a tissue paper or brush-cleanser to clean your Eyeliner Pencils and Brushes at least once in a week. Otherwise, it is always better to clean them every time before using them.

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    Place you Eyeliner Pencils and Brushes in a clean and dry cosmetic bag or pouch and seal properly to keep the dust free.

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    Now, if you want to place your eyeliner pencils and brushes in a cosmetic holder, then make sure to place them with the useable side up.

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    Place your eye pencils in your refrigerator, especially during summers, to prevent them from melting. Otherwise, you can set them in fridge for 5 to 10 minutes before sharpening them. Cosmetic coolers are now available in the market to keep your makeup products cool and fresh.

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    Make sure that the sharpener that you are using to sharp your eye pencil is clean from dust particles, chemicals and germs. Spray the sharpener with some cosmetic sanitizer or 70-percent alcohol before using it and wipe them dry properly.

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    When it comes to eyeliner brushes, you can use a mixture of lukewarm water and mild soap to wash them occasionally. Rinse them properly until no more soapy and gently wipe them dry with a clean cloth or towel. You can also clean the brushes with some good quality makeup remover.

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    Always buy an eyeliner pencil with a protective cap and keep it on its top once you use it. It helps in protecting the pencil from the invisible dust particles and germs.

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