Pitotubes Are the Travel Bottles Answer for Transporting Your Personal Care Products

Finding some small-sized travel bottles for your personal care products to take on journeys can be very difficult. Makeshift travel bottles (like empty small bottles of shampoo) often leak out one’s personal care products or break altogether. And thus, checked luggage can become very messy due to the escaping of the personal care products from the travel bottles. One solution to this dilemma is to acquire a set of Pitotubes.

Pitotubes came about because of Alisa Driscoll, a former flight attendant. She wanted to create effective containers for personal care products that wouldn’t break, leak, or explode in checked luggage. She got together with some very skilled engineers to make the Pitotubes.

These products are made of high density PETG recyclable plastic, making Pitotubes very durable and long lasting; in other words, reusable. They contain an airless and leak-proof seal. Pitotubes’ caps have a UV coating to protect the matte silver finish. The bottlenecks contain a lot of threads which keep the lids more securely tight.

A white piston is located on the bottom of each container. When pumping the personal care products, the piston rises, and the small ball in the chamber regulates fluid flow effectively. This conserves up to 75 per cent more fluid than regular makeshift storage containers! Pitotubes are billed as “It’s Rocket Science for Your Packing.”

These travel wares are named for Henri Pitot, who was a French hydraulic engineer and physicist that lived during the 18th century. Pitot invented a tube that measured flow velocity, which is also known as the Pitot Tube.

Pitotubes come in 15ml, 30ml, and 50ml bottles. The kit of six (2 each of the three bottles) includes preprinted, water resistant blank labels for identifying the personal care products. The kit is kept together by a bag made of metallic nylon mesh. When measured out, this kit is very space-friendly for travelers’ luggage, measuring out to be roughly 8.75″ x 7.50″ x 1.38″. In essence, globe-trotters can pack many of their personal care products in a space that measures less than the size of a hard cover novel!

These traveling tubes are made for various personal care items like lotions, gels, shampoos, and perfumes, and have been used by flight crews. At the website below in the FAQ link, the manufacturer does advise against some things being put in the tubes like facial scrubs, or high acid/alcohol content liquids because it could damage and/or clog the bottles.

When I got the Pitotubes Travel Kit, I wanted to perform some home tests on these gadgets before taking my trip. I filled the six travel bottles up with tap water and shampoo. I dropped them from the height of my kitchen table, and they stayed in tact. Then I ran for several miles, carrying the kit bag in my small backpack. I had earlier put a copy of a document in the kit bag. The document stayed dry during my cross country running, with my small backpack moving around a lot. The tubes didn’t leak at all, so this gives me the confidence to take them on a longer trip! When I used the travel bottles containing shampoo during my shower, the labels did not rub off or fall off due to the shower’s steam or when I handled them with my wet hands.

A number of states, including California, New York, and Illinois, carry the wares in their boutiques and retail stores. See the below website for availability. Still, these trip essentials can be purchased online via PayPal only.

The complete travel kit with the six containers, labels, and pouch goes for $59.95. An individual Pitotube can be purchased for $10, and the label sheets currently go for $3.

Pitotubes via AMD Travel Accessories, Inc. 7154 W. State St., Box 212, Boise, ID 83714. Phone: 208-761-1708. Fax: 208-853-4703. www.pitotubes.com

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