The Best Skin Care Product Money Can Buy

Without the consistent use of lotion my skin resembles dried, cracked earth. You know, the type that actually breaks away into octagonal shapes of parched desolation. As you could imagine it wasn’t even an option to skip regular applications of lotion for me. Until now.

I was at first very skeptical of Olay’s Moisturizes in shower body lotion. How could you really be moisturized by something you use in the shower and rinse off? Isn’t the point of lotion a ‘leave on’ type of product? But after receiving this as a gift, my doubts were put to rest. There’s nothing like a free trial to get you hooked.

The Claim

Olay Moisturinse claims to work ” with the warmth and humidity of your shower to reveal soft, smooth skin after one use.” That’s a pretty high claim if you are V05’s Showerworks hot oil, but Olay is true to their word. After I used my regular body wash, I turned the water off in the shower (this isn’t just to conserve water, but I believe you need to let it sit on you a minute, though the directions do not say this) and applied this shower lotion liberally on my limbs. The aroma is wonderful-a clean, fresh scent that won’t initiate your gag reflex. After leaving it on for a minute or two, I blasted it off.

The Results

I reached for my lotion, but to my utter shock and amazement, the Moisturinse had done the job already. My skin was soft and hydrated after only one use! If this isn’t the best skin care product money can buy, it is the best skin care product my money’s going to buy.

Extended Use

Just like most lotions, your skin can get used to the ingredients and become more dependent on the product than you were before using it. Think of those poor souls who get addicted to chap stick (moment of silence, please). I figured I’d have to use this every day to get the full benefits and that could become costly, as it is a mere 250 ml. bottle. However, I noticed that not only did I require less as I used it more, but that I could skip a day and still have well-balanced skin.


The bottle warns that surfaces can be come slippery when using it. If you try to use this on the bottoms of your feet, you might be in for a few broken bones. This is more slippery than your basic body wash, because you lather your body wash into foam, whereas this product is meant for direct application from the bottle to your skin. If you would like to use it on your feet, do it in a separate tub where you can be seated and have your towel handy. The only other thing to watch out for is if you don’t care for stronger scents, you should use the product sparingly, as it can be as noticeable on you throughout the day as a body spray would be. But as I said earlier it is a wonderfully pleasant scent and I only received compliments on it rather than the ‘breathing through their mouths’ treatment.

Why is it the best skin care product money can buy?

Depending on where you shop this can range from $4.00-5.00 for an 8.4 fl oz bottle. The really effective body butter lotions run for $15.00-20.00 and are a mere 6-7 oz tub. With lotions, you need to apply them several times a day to get the full benefit of them. Body butters are rich, thick lotions that leave your skin greasy in appearance. Olay Moisturinse is used only once a day, is used sparingly, and leaves your skin smooth and hydrated without greasy film or soapy residue. And the best part is that Olay Moisturinse really does give you the power to decide whether you want lotion or not-you can really replace this product with any lotion out there. And what other skin lotion saves you so much time in the morning? Morning time seems to evaporate more quickly than any other time of the day. Why waste it showering AND applying lotion? Why not just shower and have it over with? I personally despise the feeling of lotion on my skin-a wet puddle of goo waiting to be absorbed before you can put your clothing on and not stain it. Moisturinse, on the other hand, is rinsed off in the shower and then you pat yourself dry with a towel as normal and voil� ! What could be easier?

The ease, the scent, the effortless use, and the results make Olay Moisturinse the best skin care product money can buy. Seriously.

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