Bras and Health Problems

Bras are a tremendous part of a woman’s life. The importance of wearing one is stressed during the training bra period. It doesn’t matter whether you need one of these two-cupped monsters or not. They lift, support, and hide the upper portion of the female anatomy. Maybe to keep the male counterpart in check.

Bras mean well, but an ill fitting one causes symptomatic disorders of the human body. The same can be said of a perfectly fitting one. Bras aren’t always easy when it comes to finding a good match. The cup size may be too large for 32B to fill out, but 32Bs the only size that will fit around the body. Stores might not carry bras huge enough to fit some breasts so instead of going to a specialty store some people will buy what’s on hand.

Women get used to wearing bras and become mostly unaware of the health problems involved with bra use. Women who have a tendency to get headaches find them a more frequent nuisance. Migraine sufferers have pain longer. Pressure of the head won’t stop because an aspirin is taken. Pressure is relieved when the bra is removed.

Bras pull on the neck and shoulders. This might explain headache occurrence. They strain the back affecting it with problematic backache. The back aligns the shoulders and neck. Interconnection is a vital role stemming from one ruthless undergarment.

No wonder puns have been made about using bras as sling shots they’re flexible, snappy, and localized in one position. This position digs into the skin and has the ability to cut down on the flow of circulation. Those marks left behind after taking off a bra show the circulation crisis. Bras are sweaty heat builders and do lead to heat rashes and chafing.

Sports bras are really bad about being restrictive and tight. They flatten the breast so they won’t move and keep the breast area extremely heated. They are usually made of cotton, but spandex is also used.

Bras aren’t always made out of soft comfortable material. They are often made out of the scratchy kind. It makes chafing worse. The bra rubs the skin while the material makes it scratch worthy.

Bras could lead to another problem that puts fear in any woman upon first discovering it. Lumps in the breast. Anytime pulling, straining or mashing is involved it could cause damage to the tissue of the breast. The damage could lead to scarring. The scarring could form into lumps.

The lumps are usually benign, non-cancerous, in nature. They make the breast sore and painful to touch. If you have the lumps removed wearing a bra might cause them to return.

Bras aren’t just for women anymore. Men are wearing them to and they are exposed to the same conditions that lead to ongoing problems. Stop wearing bras to eradicate many symptoms of pain would be freeing to those who suffer in silence. The bra is a tradition that would unnerve masses if removed from use so it will be around until the mind itself comes to a realization that health is more important.

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