Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream -A Lifesaver for Those with Dry Cuticles

Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream has been a lifesaver for me. I suffer from dry cuticles and my cuticles have a tendancy to peel which forces me to clip them almost daily. Yes, I know, I probably shouldn’t clip the cuticles and just leave them alone but it’s easier said than done. This is where Burt’s Bee’s Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream comes in. I had been looking for a product to help me with this problem, something that could soften my cuticles and stop them from peeling so much thus stopping me from clipping them. I had tried a few different things – a cuticle oil by Sally Hansen and a cuticle oil from a stand at the mall that promised fantastic results. Neither of them helped me with the problem much and they went on, well, oily and took a long time to dry.

Finally, one day I came across Burt’s Bees Cuticle Cream. With a price tag of only $3.89, I decided I’d give it a try. The first time I tried this product was before bed. I always use a hand cream before bed and decided this would be a good time to try out my new cuticle cream. The product comes in a yellow tin with lemons on the top. The cream itself is a light yellow in color and smells of lemons. It’s actually kind of waxy and probably more of a balm than a cream. The lemon smell is pleasant and not strong or overwhelming at all. The cream is relatively thick and goes on smoothly. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that it was not greasy and absorbed quickly. I applied the product around my cuticles and the tops of my nails. After the first night I could already see results. My cuticles seemed to softer and there was no peeling that morning! I couldn’t believe that it worked so well after one application, but it did. And continued to work for me night after night.

I’m at a point now where I simply cannot live without this product. It has been a lifesaver for my cuticles and my hands look so much better now that my cuticles are under control. And if you’re wondering how long a tin of this product will last you, amazingly my first one lasted about 9 months. Well worth a price of under $4. Burt’s Bees products are made of natural ingredients and can be found at www.burtsbees.com, www.drugstore.com, grocery stores or specialty stores and gift shops.

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