How to Choose a Tanning Bed Lotion

There are many kinds of tanning lotions which you can use according to your requirements in order to protect and moisturise your skin. Mostly, tanning lotion is used outdoor. But, you can also use it before going to your bed for a good night sleep. It refreshes your skin and protects it from harmful effects of humidity and dampness. It is often very difficult to choose between an indoor and outdoor tanning lotion. However, if you know what outcome you need, it won’t be any problem for you. If you are looking forward to choose a tanning bed lotion, you can help from the given steps.


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    First of all, you have to select a tanning bed lotion containing the elements which suit you best. You can easily found the name of elements on the back of the lotion. Note down the elements and other features of the lotion and them to the salon near your house to find the product with the desired composition.

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    It is to be noted that ‘Accelerators’ has been considered as an initial product which is mostly used by those who intend to become tan, but are not tan from their base. To get the best results, you must apply it at least an hour before your trip. Most of the lotions contain very high level of moisturiser. Therefore, you must apply an appropriate quantity of lotion to avoid too much moisturising.

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    You can also use ‘Maximizer’. It is used by those people who have already been able to develop a tan base by using the accelerators. It makes your skin colour tanner. You must know that it doesn't contain high level of moisturiser. So, you will have to apply a slightly large quantity as compared to the accelerator. Furthermore, it is quite expensive than the accelerator.

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    If you still want to increase the quantity of melanin which helps in making your skin tanner, you can use ‘Tingle’. It is quite expensive and made for those who have been using tanning lotion for a long time. It is extremely important for you to know that it is very harmful for a beginner or a person with sensitive skin.

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    There are many other lotions which you can use as per your requirements including the bronzers and anti-aging tanning lotions.

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