Heal Scars Quickly with Alternative Treatments

Scars are the result of injuries or surgery that actually help the injury heal. However, there are some negatives to scars. Scar tissue can cause growths on the skin that are unappealing, painful, tender, and itchy. When the scar tissue starts to bind the scar causes pain when trying to move a certain part of the body and physical imbalance. There are no traditional medicines available that directly address the painful side effects that scars can cause but there are some alternative treatments that can effectively heal scars and reduce the pain of binding scar tissue.

The following essential oils are effective in healing scars and reducing the pain. The first alternative treatment is to apply some Lavender Essential oil drops on the affected area right after the injury occurs. You can also mix the oil with aloe vera gel and cover it with a clean cloth or pad. Aloe vera gel alone will also work to prevent excessive scarring and heal scars quickly. The next alternative treatment to quicken the healing process and reduce the scarring is chickweed and sunflower seed oil.

You should have enough chickweed to fill an eight-ounce jar. Wrap the herb in cheesecloth and crush it with a rolling pin. Fill the jar with the crushed herb, packing it firmly in the jar. Then add enough sunflower seed oil to cover the chickweed, leaving at least �½ inch of oil at the top of the jar. Put a lid on the jar and put it in a cool, dark place. After two weeks, use a coffee filter to strain the oil and pour it into a bottle with a top. Then refrigerate the herb and oil mixture.

You can apply the oil as long as the scar is not open or exposed. Use a clean cloth and dip it in the oil, put the cloth over the scar for at least 15 or 20 minutes every day. You can use this alternative treatment for as long as you like, refrigerating it allows the oil treatment to stay fresh for several months. Another oil treatment to help quickly heal the scars and reduce the pain of scar tissue is St. John’s Wort. You can use this oil as often as you like to reduce the pain of the scars.

The next alternative treatment to heal scars and reduce pain is to get a massage. After the stitches have been removed from surgery, you can either give yourself a massage or have someone give you a massage. Massaging the skin will help to prevent the scar tissue from sticking or binding and causing pain. To properly massage the area, place your fingers on the incision and gently massage the skin a few minutes everyday. Don’t pull on or across the incision and make sure the incision is closed before you try the massage treatment. You can also use Tiger Balm oil around the incision, but never on it, to help soothe the scar tissue. Work the oil into your skin using the tip of your finger and making a circular motion around the scar.

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