Beautiful Hair: A Woman’s Guide

For centuries, women with beautiful hair have been the object of adoration from men and women alike. As a result, women have continued to objectify their own beauty by the quality and look of their own hair. WIth most recent hair trends, hair quality of color, brilliance, shine and length play a key factor in creating the envious hair appeal women are on a never ending quest to obtain. So, what is hair exactly?

Hair is a group of polypeptides which stem from a hair follicle on the scalp. Below this hair follicle lies the beginnings of beautiful hair; the hair bulb containing the hair root. In creating beautiful hair, the hair bulb requires regular maintenance and care including influences to build carbon, oxygen, hydrogen and sulfur. These basics of hair nutrient can be found in regular and healthy dietary food plan and in dietary supplements. Even exercise provides a basis for growing beautiful locks of hair. In addition to healthy diet and exercise, beautiful hair can be achieved through the avoidance of products and activities which breakdown hair follicles and strands while concurrenlty improving hair quality through a variety of methods. So, what are these methods of breakdown and quality improvements for hair?

The breakdown of beautiful hair can be due to a variety of health and environmental issues. With heat and moisuture, the hair strands, comprised of polypeptide chains, breakdown resulting in a loss or weakening in the hair root and strand. In addition to heat and moisture, hair quality is also compromised by emotional and stress levels and the degree to which we stay emotionally in balance. Quite often, emotional imbalance results in a chemical change within the body which, in turn, impacts the chemical composition of the hair bulb thereby creating a deterioration of beautiful hair.

Hair quality can be improved through a varity of dietary and lifestyle changes. First, and foremost, the quality of hair can be improved through aerobic exercise and adequate water intake. Through aerobic exercise, blood circulation is improved resulting in stimulation of hair growth. Additionally, because the hair strands are comprised of water and polypeptides, the appropriate intake of water will ensure the hair remains resilient to the environment and will appear stronger and shinier. In addition to these basic steps, shampooing hair on a regular basis with a pH balanced product will ensure the hair shaft and follicle remain in proper chemical balance.

As an added measure, try washing hair upside down. In doing so, the circulation to the scalp is increased, thereby improving the outcome of the shampooing method. Massaging the scalp during shampoo will ensure added circulation. Additionally, the use of the correct condition will ensure the scales of the hair strands lie flat and are not open to receive the environmental changes once you step out of the shower. Always towel dry as much as possible in an effort to avoid excessive hair drying prior to styling.

In terms of vitamin supplements, the strongest research shows the use of PABA, in combination with complex Vitamin B, will keep hair shiny, healthy and maintain coloring when progressing into age. In fact, studies have shown this combination of vitamins and minerals may improve hair color, when greying, in 70% of the cases. Further supporting the recommendation of a diet high in nutrients and vitamins. As always, water is an integral part maintaining healthy body and hair.

Healthy hair is a sign of beauty. For growing and maintaining beautiful hair, eating properly, excerising regularly, performing self massages and incorporating PABA and Vitamin B will ensure longer and more beautiful hair.

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