Best Shaving Tips for Women

Nowadays, many women are turning to waxing and others are opting for laser hair removal method. However, shaving hair remains the most commonly used method, because of the fact that it is the cheapest of all. Women have to remove hair from their legs, underarms and the private areas, in order to avoid bad odour to form. Moreover, many women also feel really inconvenient if they find hair grown in the specific areas.

If you are planning to remove your hair through shaving, then you can follow some basic techniques to avoid any irritation and enjoy a smooth and silky skin afterwards.


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    You should use a good quality razor, with multiple blades in it. The more blades your razor has, the smoother and cleaner shave you will get, and you will not have to run the razor again and again on your skin. This way, you will also be able to make the shaving process quicker.

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    Women’s skin is usually softer and gentler compared to those of men. Therefore, you should try to avoid the same shaving gel that men use. You must buy a shaving cream or gel, designed especially for women. You can also use your body lotion, if it contains aloe-vera or any other moisturising agent.

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    When you shave, try to run the razor with the grains. If you are using a good quality razor, then it will cut the hair really close to their roots. If you still get a stubble feel, then you can go against the grains, which will make your skin glow.

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    When shaving underarms, you may cut off a small layer of your skin too. As a result, a deodorant applied afterwards can cause the chemicals to enter the bloodstream easily. Moreover, you can also suffer rashes, if you shave closely. Therefore, in winter season, you should try to avoid shaving all the way down, and leave the peach fuzz.

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    When shaving pubic area, you should be very careful, as it is really a sensitive area, and you should use the razor very smoothly, without applying too much force.

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    Like men use after shave or other moisturising agents after shaving, you should also use moisturisers, such as pure cocoa or shea butter, to make your skin smooth.

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