Color Contact Lenses and Eye Color

Color contact lenses give you a unique opportunity to truly transform your look. If you enjoy experimenting with your appearance, color contact lenses can be a great addition to your daily beauty repertoire, or a way to create a unique and memorable look for a special event. You can transform your eyes to any shade in nature, from blue to hazel to grey to green to bewitching lavender. If the eyes are the window to the soul, colored contact lenses let you choose your curtains. These tiny secrets have been in the hands of actresses and models for years, but have only become accessible to the general population quite recently. Read on for tips about how color contact lenses work, how to use them to your best advantage, and why they can make you look and feel more beautiful.

How They Work

Color contact lenses are specifically designed to blend with the natural color and shape of your pupil so that you will look lovely but not artificial. Color contact lenses are almost entirely clear, but have a small donut-shaped area of nearly transparent pigment in the area surrounding the pupil of your eye. This means that your pupil, which controls the amount of light that reaches your eye, remains uncovered so that your vision is not compromised. The donut of color is not opaque, but is lightly tinted. This means that the details of your eye, from the variegated intensity of your eye’s color to the placement of veins, and all the other small variations that make your eyes unique, are visible through the tint. This means that when you wear a colored contact lens, you don’t look artificial or strange, you just look like yourself, but with an added boost of color that is sure to attract attention. Rather than hide your eye behind a mask of color, colored contact lenses enhance its natural beauty with a little something extra.

How To Use Them

One of the challenges of making color contact lenses an effortless part of your look is learning how to help them stand out. We all know that different makeup shades and clothing colors bring out the vibrancy in different complexions, hair colors, and eye colors; a blond, blue-eyed woman in a red dress looks very different from a blond, blue-eyed woman in a beige frock. Most women who consider their appearance even the slightest bit have subtly learned how to bring out the best in their looks by dressing in the colors that flatter them, or wearing makeup that suits their natural pigments. However, when you change your eye color, even for a night, you change your color scheme, so to look your best, you need to adjust your choices accordingly. It’s quite fine to wear your normal makeup with a new eye color, but to have the most fun and look your very best, why not shop for a new eyeliner or shadow color chosen specifically to suit your new color contact lenses? Likewise, if you’re planning on wearing your lenses for a special event, make sure you wear them when you’re shopping for your outfit. That way you’ll be sure to choose an overall look that helps your new special detail shine.

Why They Work

The reason why color contact lenses make you seem more beautiful has to do with where the attention of the person looking at you goes. It has been scientifically proven that our visual attention is continually drawn to things that are new, or look different than the things that we are used to seeing. This means that when you wear color contact lenses, people will notice your eyes much more often than they do when there is nothing different or new about them. Color contact lenses are a subtle but noticeable change in your appearance, so they capture and captivate attention. Scientific studies have also shown that if we spend time looking into the eyes of another person, we are more likely to like, trust, and even fall in love with that person than we would otherwise be. This implies that we have a positive association with looking at people’s eyes. Put these two facts together, and you’ll see that when you wear colored contact lenses, you’ll get more positive visual attention than you do on an average day, and that means you will look and feel beautiful and confident.

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