Dr. Scholl’s Active Series

As a member of the Influenster community, I get the opportunity to test many awesome products, free of charge, in exchange for my feedback. If you are not a member of Influenster, you are truly missing out!

Recently I had the opportunity to try, and review, Dr. Scholl’s Active Series insoles. As someone who enjoys being active, but suffers from knee pain (thanks to a HS knee injury), I was really excited to slip these into my workout shoes and give them a go.

They. Are. Awesome.

My shoes are so comfortable, it’s incredible! I have old sneakers that are in dire need of being replaced, and now they feel brand-new as a result of the insoles. I went to the Green Dragon Farmer’s Market in Ephrata (awesome place, btw!) and I wore Aria all day longâÂ?¦ not a single ounce of pain! I’ve worn them running, hiking, out in the yard and all over creationâÂ?¦ they seriously feel like a brand-new pair of shoes. They absorb shock wonderfully, make the fit of my shoes that much better and create a comfortable resting point for the arches of my feet.

If you’re looking for insoles for your active-wear shoes, I will highly suggest that you try these. They are amazing.

Thank you Dr. Scholl’s and thank you Influenster for, once again, a wonderful shoe experience!

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