Ten Hair, Skin, Nail and Body Products Every Woman Needs

Most women have their plentiful supply of makeup, hair products, perfumes and such, but there are some things that most every woman needs, but may not be aware of. One of these items is a full-size mini mirror. These mirrors are very tiny but the special design allows you to see your entire appearance, from head to toe, in one glance. Not available in most stores, the mirrors can be found at several online merchants.

Psssssst is an instant shampoo that is sprayed onto the hair, worked in, then brushed out. The “shampoo” is perfect for camping, times of illness, or simply when you need a quick cleanup for your hair. It dispenses from a can and appears as a white foam on your hair. It doesn’t leave the hair damp but does remove dirt and oil. Locate Psssssst at some local stores or online.

Don’t cover up moles, warts or liver spots – remove them instead. Most women have some unsightly skin blemishes but there’s no need to be ashamed or try to cover them up, now. There are medicated creams that, used regularly, will remove small moles and warts, and fade liver or age spots. Just apply the homeopathic cream, on a daily basis, to the problem areas. Don’t expect immediate results, but continue the treatment to see an improvement.

Some women have one already but a magnifying mirror is a must. Whether you’re plucking your eyebrows or you’re putting on makeup, the mirrors are very helpful. They’re available in types that magnify from twice the regular view to 8 times, or more. They come in styles that fit in your purse or sit on your vanity.

No longer do women have to suffer while plucking eyebrows. Purchase eyebrow numbing liquid for painless tweezing every time. Simply roll the fluid onto the eyebrow area and pluck to your heart’s content. You won’t feel a thing!

Some women take vitamins, some don’t, but if you want to have healthy skin and hair, in addition to a healthy system, take a quality multi-vitamin. Not all multi-vitamins include the same ingredients, so do a little research to find the right vitamin for you.

Vitamin E lotion not only nourishes skin but can help prevent dry patches, itching, wrinkles and more. Apply lotion to skin at least once a day and be sure to cover legs, arms, stomach, back, and the face/neck region.

Since it’s very difficult to apply lotion to your own back, some brilliant person invented the lotion applicator, with long handle, to help solve the problem. Simply fill the head with lotion then apply it to your own back. This is a must-have for women of all ages.

A simple tube of super glue is one thing no woman should be without. For broken nails it’s perfect. The nail doesn’t have to be completely broken for the super glue to help. A minor tear in the nail can be painful and cause the nail to later break down into the nail bed. Upon tearing the nail, even a tiny bit, just place a drop of super glue on the tear and allow to dry. The super glue will hold the nail in place until it has grown out enough to trim. Reapply the super glue, after several days, if necessary. Keep in mind that if you put the glue on over your nail polish you will not be able to remove the polish from that area until the super glue wears off.

Body and clothing tape is one product that many women have never tried, but should. It dispenses like Scotch tape and is used to keep bra straps in place, repair hems, or hold your blouse together. Some blouses can pull apart, in the breast area, because of the gaps between the buttons, but the tape prevents that. If you’re wearing a low neckline you can prevent the showing of the top part of your bra by using the tape. It has many different uses including keeping hems in place until they can be repaired.

The world is full of products meant to make our lives easier but some of them don’t hold up to the promises made. Purchase quality items to assure that you’ll receive the performance desired. Try some of the products suggested here – you’ll be surprised and delighted.

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