The Benefits of Using Sunless Tanning Lotions

Each day there are millions of individuals who try and get a beautiful tan. That can tan can be obtained from a number of different sources. There are many individuals who use the sun and tanning beds to achieve their tan. While each of these sources may be a great way to get a tan they are both potentially dangerous. As an alterative to sunbathing and tanning beds many individuals are using sunless tanning products to achieve a natural looking tan.

Sunless tanning lotions are the most common type of sunless tanners used today. There are sunless tanning sprays and gels that offer the same results; however, many individuals prefer sunless tanning lotions. Sunless tanning lotions are not the same as the may have been in the past. In fact many sunless tanning lotions were advanced and now offer better results thanks to science and technology.

The sun produces dangerous ultraviolet rays that are known to cause skin cancer and premature aging of the skin. These are the same rays that are developed and used in tanning beds all around the world. Both the sun and tanning beds increase an individuals risk of obtaining skin cancer. If not treated skin cancer can be deadly.

Sunless tanning lotions do not use any dangerous ultraviolet rays; in fact, most sunless tanning lotions are made with completely harmless and common ingredients. The most common type of ingredient found in many sunless tanning lotions is that of Dihydroxyacetone, also known as DHA. This ingredients uses the outer layer of the skin to produce a brown or golden tan. Not all sunless tanning lotions use Dihydroxyacetone, but a large number of them do.

Tanning beds can be found at tanning salons and many beauty salons; however, they are often expensive to use. Unless being offered a tanning package that is discounted it is possible to pay up to twenty dollars a week or more for tanning. This can be very expensive for frequent tanners. Users of sunless tanning lotions to do not have the same problem.

Sunless tanning lotions come in all different size. While each brand of sunless tanning lotion will vary it is possible for a standard sunless tanning lotion bottle to last around one or two months. The price of a bottle of sunless tanning lotion will vary depending on the brand and size; however, most sunless tanning lotions cost between eight to twenty dollars. Most tanning applications last around one week or more; therefore, sunless tanning is not as expensive as tanning beds.

Another benefit to using sunless tanning lotions is the amount of time that it will take to achieve a tan. Many individuals must sunbath for a number of days or use a tanning bed for the same amount of time just to achieve a simple tan. Within minutes after using a sunless tanning lotion users are provided with a golden brown tan. Sunless tanning lotions are great for unexpected vacations or events.

There are an unlimited number of benefits to using a sunless tanning lotion instead of sunbathing or tanning beds. Not only will you reduce your risk of developing skin cancer, but you can have a tan that you can literally take with you every where you go. Most bottles of sunless tanning lotion can fit in a traditional purse or handbag so you have it whenever you need it.

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