Are Skin Peelers Safe?

Chemical skin peelers are not safe! That may seem like a harsh way to start off an articles but it is the truth. According to the FDA there are many hazards that are associated with the use of these types of skin peeling products. They are also currently investigating many of the serious injuries that have been reported by people using these products. There are so many warnings about skin peelers it would take forever to list them all. This is especially the case of a product called PeelaAway. There have been numerous complaints about this particular skin peeling product as well as many others. Some of these products are ones that are supposed to remove wrinkles, blemishes, blotches and acne scars. The purpose according to the manufactures of these products is to make you feel and look youthful again.

The problem is that they can penetrate the skin too deeply and cause severe skin damage. Some people have even been hospitalized for burns, and swelling. Many of them vary as to how strong they are. Of course how a person reacts to a particular product depends on how each person reacts to the product. As with most products people tend to react differently. In the past skin peeling procedures were done by dermatologist and surgeon. Now of course someone has come up with the clever idea of having it available to be used at home. There are also many spas, salons, and walk-in clinics that offer these type of cosmetic procedures. They do not however let you know that these procedures are dangerous. Remember they are only interested in making a profit, they do not really care about your safety.

A lot of these salons and spas, that offer these procedures are supposed to follow the guidelines of these products. Some of these guidelines include letting you the consumer know about the risks that are involved in the process. What usually ends up happening after the continued use of these products, is that you will end up looking a lot older than when you started. Not to mention the added damage that it will do to your skin. By trying this product you could put putting yourself through a lot more of a headache than you ever expected. Some people who have tried these types of products have ended up in the hospital. To make matters worse you can not even take any legal action against these people, because on the box of the product they post very clear warning. If you take a look at the label on the box you will see that it usually says that it may cause some symptoms. Then it will list some of the symptoms that it causes, and that they are not responsible for any skin damage that you may get as a result.

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