Shower to Shower Shimmer Effects Absorbent Body Powder

Sometimes deodorant isn’t enough to prevent unpleasant body odors. Many people apply body powder after showering, especially during hot summer months in an effort to control the odor of sweat and perspiration. Body powder helps absorb perspiration, it helps prevent body odors, and body powder helps keep the skin feeling cool, comfortable, and fresh all day long.

Shower to Shower body powder is a well-known brand, and Shower to Shower has developed a unique powder in their line of popular products. Shimmer Effects Absorbent Body Powder is an innovative product that is truly one-of-a-kind. Shower to Shower Shimmer Effects contains subtle light reflectors that give skin a hint of sparkle. Sparkles can be found in many novelty creams, lotions, and cosmetics, but this is a unique addition to absorbent body powder.

I received a sample of Shower to Shower Shimmer Effects, and as a regular user of body powder, I couldn’t wait to try this new and interesting variety. An absorbent body powder that contains tiny light reflectors is truly different, and it would be nice to find an odor absorbing powder that also provides radiant looking skin.

The following review provides information as well as an honest evaluation of how well the product worked for me. Although opinions vary as much as widely as the number of products available, this review can help those looking for ways to prevent body odors, decide whether or not this particular product is worth trying.

Product Claims

The product claims to be ultra-light and silky smooth, and it claims to make skin look naturally healthy and radiant. It also claims to contain time-released fragrance that will keep users feeling fresh, cool, and dry the entire day. Time-released fragrance is truly a new concept in body powder.

Directions for Use

Shower to Shower Shimmer Effects Absorbent Body Powder may be used on a daily basis, and it is recommended for use after bathing, showering, or exercising. Warnings are typical, and they indicate not to use the product on irritated or broken skin, and to discontinue use if problems develop.

Product Evaluation

Shower to Shower Shimmer Effects is silky smooth, and at first glance it looks like regular powder. After applying the product, natural light as well as sunlight brings out shimmering gold flecks that provide a subtle glow to the skin. The gold flecks aren’t too flashy or bold. They are very fine and add just the right amount of shimmer and shine.

The scent is soft and sweet. It’s not overpowering or strong, and if you like soft scents, you’ll probably like the scent of Shower to Shower Shimmer Effects Absorbent Body Powder. This body powder effectively controls odor, and it kept me feeling fresh and clean all day long. I highly recommend this product for those who regularly use body powder, or for anyone wanting to try something new in an effort to control body odor and wetness throughout the day.

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