Skin Care and Appearance Are Huge Baby Boomer Issues!

Skin care and appearance are becoming huge baby-boomer issues!

Aging baby boomers are seeking facial treatment more than ever! Whether it is to combat new wrinkles or for relaxation, clients are rushing into day spas and destination spas. What used to be a luxurious treat is now becoming a normal process in helping to take care of their aging skin. Getting professional treatments and staying up with the latest technology has some women’s skin looking better than it has in years. Massage is another avenue that has become a hot seller. Everyone from high powered executives to stressed out employees are looking for ways to decompress. At the spa environment you get the best of both worlds with a pampering treatment as well as a quiet and soothing environment.

Getting involved in the spa industry is a great choice right now. With so many day spas popping up across the country the demand is high for qualified employees. Many more people are choosing destination spas for their vacations and are not only for the rich and famous anymore! The need for professionals who are licensed in their specialty is always growing. Each state sets licensing standards, so a licensed professional in New Jersey can not just go across the bridge and work in Pennsylvania without their Pennsylvania license.

Classes tend to have a broad range of age groups bringing in both newly graduated and more mature students. Many students choose this field in their thirties and forties and find a fulfilling career change. Choosing a school near you is an easy search and is a viable and affordable way to make a career change. Many programs have financing available. Choosing skin care, nail care or hair care is one avenue, while choosing massage therapy is another. Flexibility and the ability to set your own hours at many places offer people choices that work for them.

The beauty industry is growing, as is witnessed by more and more trade magazine publications and trade shows across the country. Opportunities are showing up not only in salons and spas but as sale representatives or writers for trade magazines. There are artists who compete year round in nail art, hair art and many other art forms.

Make-up Artistry is another format that falls under an Esthetician’s license in many states. If your interest is in theater, television or bridal make-up this may be an angle worth investing in.

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