How to Spa – Tips for Making the Most of Your Spa Visit

The trend of enjoying a visit to a Spa is steadily increasing as more Americans are learning the choices and options for self-care, preventative aging techniques, and the joy of relaxation. Spas around the country cater to various trends, honing in on styles ranging from Eastern medicine, ancient Indian and Egyptian rituals, and the luxuries of the Greeks and Romans.�¯�¿�½ For centuries, the rich segments of these societies enjoyed the incredible benefits of specialized massage, age-old secrets of skincare and aging, and overall wellness approaches. Today, anyone can enjoy the health benefits and wellness lifestyle by visiting a Spa in the area! Choose from a day spa to meet your weekly needs, or even plan a vacation to a destination or resort spa for a longer stay and experience.

Spa visits can range from single or multiple services in one day. When you are first starting out, begin with one service so that you can truly feel the effects of each one. Back-to-back services are usually allowed, but you will not reap all the benefits and this can be costly. Remember that spas are quiet, relaxation zones. If a lounge is available, you can enjoy the downtime either between services or after your service, to take in the atmosphere by enjoying some light reading or mindful meditation. Some spas are outfitted with smoothie and healthy snack bars if you get hungry. Here are some do’s and don’ts to be best prepared for your visit!

Do make sure to drink plenty of water, as this will help remove toxins released after your treatment.

Do take the time to research the spas, treatment variety, and products used. You’ll maximize your experience by knowing what to expect from the treatment.

Do complete a health form to make sure any allergies or medical concerns are acknowledged by the service provider. This will prevent any unexpected reactions to products or treatments.

Do be open to the new experience; you will need to naturally relax in order to benefit from the deeper stages of relaxation!

Don’t arrive late for your appointment! Many spas charge a fee, or you will lose service time as their appointments are often booked back to back in blocks, and are unflexible.

Do tip your service provider appropriately. Some spas include gratuity in the service, but most do not. You can ask the front desk for a recommended range depending on the type of spa you are visiting, but the average is 15%.

Do turn off your cell phone! Respect the quiet and relaxed atmosphere of the spa and other guests.

Do incorporate your spa experience at home. Continue the rituals or steps of your service, if possible, at home. Learn as much as you can about products, at-home treatments, and browse the boutique or salesfloor for ideas and recommendations.

Do learn about your treatment beforehand, including finding out if it has a shower or soaking tub component. Many body treatments incorporate a Vichy shower or other hydrotherapy, so this might not require you to shower beforehand.

Do ask about packaged treatments and specials. Sometimes you can easily upgrade and add some great services to your appointment for a lower price.

Do remember your therapist or service providers’ names, as you can ask for them the next time you request an appointment.

Don’t bring extra jewelry or personal belongings if possible. Although many spas have lockers, it still might be safe to leave valuables at home.

Don’t be afraid to speak about adjustments; these can include lower lights, a lighter touch, stronger pressure, or the room temperature. Remember, you are paying for the service and experience, and you have to be comfortable before you can relax.

Do find out about additional classes, educational materials, or other resources recommended by the therapist or front desk staff. Many spas are moving towards featuring exercise classes, breathing technique classes, nutrition education, and even sponsored outdoor group activities. Find out how to get involved!

As you become a frequent spa-goer, you will notice the different styles and environments of various spas. Make note of what you like, what you can expect, as well as your budget range to make sure you completely enjoy your experience. Visiting a new spa is a wonderful travel opportunity, and today’s resort and destination spas also provide a highly-involved experience. You’ll not only look and feel better, you’ll learn how to live a more fulfilling lifestyle with newly learned self care tips and an increased sense well-being.

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