How to Give a Scandinavian Massage

We all love to get massages but they are not affordable for everyone. It is possible to give the massage inside your house without spending any money. You and your partner can enjoy this luxury together. Follow the right procedure for giving a Scandinavian massage and be gentle. With some creativity and love, you will be able to give a relaxing massage. You both can practice one by one and you both can become a pro. It is interesting to not here that this can also be used to spice up your love life and return, reap long lasting benefits.


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    Make sure to buy an adjustable table if you plan on giving a massage. The table should be of an appropriate height. It should be comfortable for your partner and yourself. Place it in a wide space where it is easy for you to move around it. Also choose a room with curtains to give you both privacy. The lightning in the room should be soft. Make the client is comfortable by placing sheets on the table and pillows to adjust position. To create a relaxing atmosphere, play soothing music in the background.

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    The right oil is important for a massage. If you are using scented oils, keep some options so that the client can pick their favourite. There are many places where ready made oils are available. Salons and spas also sell these oils. If you are not going for the scented kind, there are simple oils available at pharmacies and health stores. Take a little oil in your hand and rub it so that it gets warm before applying.

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    Make the person lies face down and start by applying the oil on one leg. Stroke gently and apply pressure, increasing slowly. A kneading motion or a hand over hand motion works fine. Do not apply pressure on the back of the knee and make sure the pressure is from foot to hip. You can also tap the legs or pound them. Massage the foot by bending the leg where the knee is. Lightly knead the heel and the arch and gently trace the ankle. Hold the toes gently with your fingers for a second. Move the foot in a circular motion.

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    After doing both feet and legs, rub the legs again and cover them. Now stand at the head and start to massage from the shoulders towards the back. Use both hands and rub on both sides of the spine till the hip, move back up. Repeat this movement a few times.

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    Tell the client to turn over and massage the front of the legs the same way you did the back. Gently trace the knees and rub the top of the foot. After doing both legs, start with the arms. Pick one arm and rub from the hand till the shoulder. You can also massage the shoulder blades. Also rub hands like the feet. End with rubbing the back of the neck toward the head. Try to avoid the hair so that they don’t get oily.

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