Best Fragrances for Men According To Women

Fragrance is one of the many things that defines a man’s personality. You can figure out the personality of a person judging by the perfume they wear as every smell represents a whole story. For example a musky smell would reflect the idea of a strong masculine personality while a sweet smell with the aroma of citrus fruits might represent a more sophisticated personality. However it is, they’ll be rated differently by the women they adore as every one has different preferences.


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    Giorgio Armani Code

    The Armani Code is one of the various releases by the brand Giorgio Armani. The brand is well-known for its class and elegance and it does seem to show off in its perfume products as well. The Armani Code is a perfume for the modern man that has its seductive appeal for the members of the opposite sex. The fragrance is a strong blend of the leather and amber accord along with the woods and tonka bean. This scent has a class of its own and is loved by women who like their men classy.

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    Issey Miyake, L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme

    This is a fragrance that most young people might remember from their childhood. Since 1994, this fragrance has been a trademark smell in the world of men’s aftershave. L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme is for the man who has a balance of energy and calmness in him, and is a perfect match for those who are in their late 20’s and 30’s. The smell of this classic perfume composes of a blend of woods, citrus and spices all mixed together, being exciting and elegant at the same time.

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    Ralph Lauren Polo

    This is what you might call the manliest scent ever! The Ralph Lauren Polo is one of the best men’s cologne rated by woman, especially those who are into tough and masculine guys. It has a very strong odor like that of tobacco, oak, basil and leather all mixed up together. This masculine aroma can be a perfect choice for men as they can wear it on dates, parties and even at work.

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    Diesel Only the Brave

    This is perhaps one of the best fragrances that have ever been released by Diesel. Only the brave has a very masculine scent, one that is quite invigorating as well. It gives you a feeling as if you were 18 once again ready to take on any adventure that lies ahead. This boost of testosterone smell really invokes the desire in women. The scent smells of tobacco, musky patchouli and benzoin altogether and is a perfect fragrance for those who are energetic most of the time.

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    AXE Dark Temptation

    The Axe Dark Temptation is a name that most young people are familiar with. The Axe range of body sprays have turned out to be a big hit, much thanks to their advertising policy and the women who can’t help being attracted to the smell. The Dark Temptation tends to deliver a chocolaty smell, which is both provocative and exciting for the ladies out there. It’s a must have for every man out there, especially those who just can’t stop hitting on women.

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