Sound Sleep Restores Health

Sound sleep restores health

When we sleep well, it helps us to improve our glow in our body. If the lazy people are reluctant to go to the beauty parlor, then the easiest way is go to sleep early. Our skin will glow if we wake up early. When you go to bed early, you get at least 8 hours sleep. So healthy skin comes easily. We do not have to go to the beauty parlor. Healthy skin can also be maintained if we drinks lots of water. Water helps our body remove the toxic materials.

Have a sleep

Quite deep

To improve skin

If you are keen

Whether you are a teen or old

The idea has been sold

To you and others

Our fathers and brothers

Who go to sleep late

Thinking it great

They meet an uncertain fate

Which they cannot relate.

They go to beautician

Thinking her magician

Having the fascination

Making skin like film star

May be a costly affair

Everyone running after money

Taking it as honey

Showing skin

Some women akin

To get attention

Without any mention

Giving guys the tension

Whom to chose

His girlfriend or her

Might stand out as a notty affair.

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