Permanent Makeup for the Busy Woman

Women wearing makeup is not a new trend. Women have been enhancing their faces and highlighting their prized physical features with makeup for centuries. From the homemade skin pastes of far East Asia, to the specialized makeup formulas of New York cosmetic counters, women around the world learn, and continue to develop, the art of makeup application.

The cosmetic industry is a booming business; millions of dollars each year are devoted to the art of looking younger, fresh each day, and experimenting with different looks and styles. From a young age, women learn to mature into polished, professional, and well-kept physical appearances. Makeup is just one way to do this, and the vast majority of women spend considerable time applying and trying makeup that works for them, and their skin.

Today’s micropigmentation procedure offers a new option for the busy woman: permanent makeup. Permanent makeup falls under the ‘tattoo’ category, but not the type for fun and designs; instead, permanent makeup is an effort to increase or emphasize key features that otherwise cannot naturally grow or are problem areas. This might apply to super-thin eyebrows that will not grow, overly fine lips, or scar camouflage.

Eye brows are enhanced mostly be shaping and defining. The key to perfect eyebrows lies in the symmetry, and this is often difficult for most women to maintain on their own. As most turn to professional eyebrow waxes for maintenance, permanent makeup offers the alternative of micropigmentation where the eye brows are replaced (or added to) by a ‘feathered’ tattoo onto the skin.

Permanent eyeliner is possible by adding pigmented color to the eyelid lash line. This creates a naturally defined fine line look with no more messy liner!

Scar camouflage can help those with post operative scars or general burns. Although this might take a few visits, the outcome will be natural-looking skin color for the scar tissue.

Lip enhancements with permanent makeup focuses on lip coloring. This is where color pigments are applied to the lips to remove the need for natural-colored lipstick, and lips can look fuller and more natural without collagen injections! This procedure’s results usually only lasts 6-8 weeks, so upkeep visits are necessary.

The strongest candidates for this procedure include people with severe skin problems, uneven hairlines, or even makeup allergies. Standard enhancement ideas focus on permanent eyeliner, and lip coloring or augmentation. For today’s busy woman, the simple need to save time on applying makeup, may be enough of a reason to enjoy the benefits of permanent makeup. Permanent makeup procedures are not covered by insurance, and will range form $300-$1000. The procedure is coordinated by certified technicians, and can take as little as 20 minutes, but usually ranges between 2-3 hours.

Permanent makeup, or micropigmentation, is offered at a variety of plastic and cosmetic surgery locations around the country. As always, it’s important to research and learn about your procedure and surgeon well beforehand; do take the time to review the clinic’s ‘before and after’ pictures, examples, and feedback from people who have had this procedure done. Since it is a fairly new idea, there can be additional costs and concerns for maintenance, upkeep, and general health.

Overall, permanent makeup is an alternative to daily makeup application for either the busy woman, or those looking for a long-term solution to facial and skin problems. With a variety of resources available for the treatment, the cosmetic industry may just begin to see some long-term changes and competition!

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