Top Products for Caring for Black Hair

With all of the heat, humidity and smog in today’s air, an African American woman needs to do a wide array of tasks to take care of her hair. Aside from washing, conditioning and oiling the scalp each and every week- for some this must be done daily-, it is of the utmost importance that African American women choose the best products for their hair. This guide should give some helpful tips about which products work well and how to ultimately make the best decision when caring for black hair.

First and foremost, it is important to know what type of hair you are adorned with. There are three basic hair types that all women and men should fall into; Dry hair, Oily hair and Normal or Balanced Hair.

Dry Hair is characterized by brittle or course roots and ends, itching- not to be confused with dandruff-, and a dry or dull look and appearance to the hair. This kind of hair requires plenty of nourishments and often times, daily moisture treatments. Dry hair is caused by a multitude of factors. Some of them include, over exposure to the sun, overly oily pores which block the normal flow of natural oils and nutrients and over treating the hair with harsh chemicals, to name a few.

Oily Hair is the easiest to recognize. This kind of hair looks oily and/ or greasy, even after shampooing the hair. This kind of hair also attracts the most dirt and will carry a slightly musky odor. The hair is oily due to over secretion of oil from hair follicles. Additionally, oily hair is almost always accompanied by oily skin. The cure for oily hair and skin is to try and stay away from oily foods, and replace them with green, leafy vegetables and fruits. Also, you will need to wash this kind of hair at least every fourth or fifth day of the week, and use lemon in your shampoo and conditioner.

The last type of hair is characterized by shining, healthy strong locks of hair. This kind of hair is the ideal form of hair and is usually found in people who have healthy diets and eat proper nutrients daily. The person with healthy hair can perform a minimal hair routine. Wash and condition the hair each week; use a nutrient- rich moisturizer daily and continue the otherwise healthy habits that are normally followed.

For the dry hair type, I suggest African Pride’s Hair, Scalp and Skin Mist for Ultra Silky Hair & Skin- Non Greasy Dry Oil Formula. It is sold in most Superstores and just about all Beauty stores like Sally’s and The Beauty Store. For the low price of $5.75, not only do you buy a moisturizer that will help promote natural luster and shine in your locks, but you also get a full body moisturizer that locks in the skin’s naturally produced oils, for softer more healthy skin and hair. Still, to really get the moisturizer off on the right beat, I also suggest using CrÃ?¨me of Nature Detangling, Conditioning Shampoo- Ultra Moisturizing Formula. This product can be found in Wal-Mart, Sally’s and other major retailers, for the nominal price of $4.65. Best of all, this product does not require that you use a separate Conditioner; however, for optimal results, use CrÃ?¨me of Nature Nourishing Conditioner, sold in the same places for $3.79.

For the oily hair type, I recommend Dove Nutrient Shampoo and Conditioner for Oily Hair. This product is usually sold as a pair for the price of $6.50. This product does not add additional chemicals or over bearing moisturizers to your mane. It does, however, make the hair softer and shinier, while also adding tremendous volume. Most importantly, this shampoo and conditioner comes in an 11.5 oz bottle. That is almost twice as much product for around the same amount of money as regular shampoos and conditioners.

For the normal hair type I also suggest Dove Nutrient Shampoo and Conditioner for Normal Hair. As stated above, these products will add volume and contribute to the already lustrous shine and health of your hair! The price and the amount of product that is received are also a great deal for the consumer.

While using these products will certainly improve the condition of some people’s hair, always perform The Strand Test on all products before using them fully. Also, add more water, green, leafy vegetables and lots of fruit into your diet. That’s right, changing your eating habits and adding all of those things that we learned as children were good for us, will help to improve your hair’s condition today.

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