How to Get the Teri Hatcher Look

Teri Hatcher is beautiful and talented, and even though you might not look just like her, you can have a look similar to hers by changing your appearance somewhat. Teri has a style all her own that can be slinky and sexy one minute, casual and confident the next.

Teri Hatcher has shoulder-length hair, or slightly longer, of chestnut to auburn color, usually curled and hanging free. After washing and drying hair use a medium curling iron to achieve the look of her locks. She also wears her hair straight, parted down the middle, and slightly curled under on the ends. Keep hair well-trimmed and conditioned. New products, that are sprayed on wet or dry hair, allow it to have maximum shine all day.

Teri has a beautiful smile, often done in lipsticks of red or burgundy shades. Her teeth are extraordinarily white and yours can be too, with new laser treatments at the dentist, or tooth-whitening products now found on the market.

Spray-on tans are all the rage because they are healthier than the sun’s rays yet don’t leave your skin looking orange like some self-tanning products can. Most towns have a salon that features these tans, which take less than an hour to apply.

If you use the spray-on tan your foundation can be a sheer smoothing sort that just blends a glow all over the face. Without the spray tan you should choose a medium to dark shade of foundation that covers flaws and doesn’t feel heavy. Don’t forget the all-important neck area when applying foundation.

Teri has dark but smiling eyes, achieved by firstly applying two to three coats of very black mascara on top and bottom lashes. Finish by applying black eyeliner to bottom and top lids. She’s often seen wearing eyelid shades of deep blue, smoky gray, and even purple. Usually, the shade she uses on the upper lid, by the lashes, is brought on up to near the brow in lighter hues.

Teri normally wears blush in shades of dark pink to bronze. She places quite a lot on the apple of the cheek, then brushes it outwards and upwards – but never higher than ear level. If you have the spray tan use lighter shades of blush.

Teri Hatcher’s clothing styles range from elegant to casual. She’s often seen, at important appearances, wearing strapless gowns, ones with spaghetti straps, or low-cut sleeveless numbers. She’s just as beautiful in nice jeans with blouse and boots. Rarely do you see her wear torn jeans, or anything near the “grunge” look. Jewelry is generally understated, if any. She may wear a single bracelet, single necklace, or earrings from simple to chandelier. At an important appearance she may wear a noticeable necklace and bracelet together.

You’ll get noticed, even if you don’t look exactly like Teri Hatcher, when you mimic her style. Smile a lot, carry yourself with ease and confidence, and keep an up-tempo attitude – you just might pull it off!

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