Ten Reasons Why You Should Not Buy Gillette Fusion Razors

The Gillette Fusion was released to the world, with about as much hype as the Super Bowl, last September (2005). It comes with five; count them, FIVE blades. It is supposed to be the most technically advanced and best razor on the market. Well, Gillette was partially right. It is very advanced. It looks like what I assume George Jetson’s razor would look like. It is something that should be in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s classic Total Recall. But does it work? Of course it works. It has many upsides. It will shave you 5 times ‘closer than a blade’ because it has 5 times the number of blades that a regular, disposable razor has. You can rest knowing the fact that you have the most advanced shaving system in the world. You also have a sideburns trimmer/evener on the other side of the razor. However, there are some bad things to it. There are reasons why you shouldn’t buy it.

So now, from the home office in Lebanon, Nebraska, you are given the Ten Reasons Why You Should Not Buy a Gillette Fusion Razor.

#10) It costs roughly $10 for the core unit. This may not be a lot of money for some people, or for most anybody, but it is a tremendous amount of money to spend on a razor. It would almost be cheaper to visit your barber a few times a week to get a shave. When you factor in the cost for replacement cartridges, you’re talking around $100 or more a year just to shave your face (assuming you replace the blades on a regular basis).

#9) Don’t believe the hype. This is one of the examples of hype not living up to the actual product. Usually nothing (but a first kiss) lives up to the hype, and the Fusion is no exception. Have you seen the ads and commercials? If you read magazines or watch TV, you have. They are on every day, every channel, and in every men’s magazine on the market. From as much publicity that this thing gets, you’d swear it was running for President.

#8) Bells and whistles. These are what are known as the extra features. The Fusion has an extra feature that is the beard and mustache trimmer or evener that is on the back of the razor. Do you really need this? I have sideburns and I even them out quite nicely with the regular razor that I use (which is not a Fusion any longer). This feature probably costs Gillette about 25 cents to make and they can add (probably) $2+ to the cost for it. You don’t need this.

#7) It’s dangerous. This one is a no brainer. There are five blades on it. These five blades go on your throat, where there are major arteries. To quote Tony Kornheiser of ESPN’s Pardon The Interruption and Monday Night Football, “No I won’t use it (Fusion). It has 5 blades. One slip and it’s off with your head!” This shouldn’t be a 15-year old’s first razor.

#6) How long until we get 6 blades? Why should we spend $10 for a five-blade system when Schick will no doubt be introducing a 6-blade razor very soon. The Fusion is the model to compete with Schick’s Quattro. The razor companies will keep adding blades until we are eventually shaving with a guillotine.

#5) Keeping up with the Joneses. This is what Madison Avenue relies upon. They need people to buy the products that they advertise, and take advantage of the fact that many people want the new, shiny item just because their neighbor has one. If you have a friend who has a Fusion, you could be more likely to buy one, no matter what. Don’t buy into this. The Fusion is the latest and most shiny razor on the market, but just because your friend has one doesn’t mean you need one, too. You don’t.

#4) It is nothing new or different. When it comes right down to it, it is just a way to shave your face. Granted, a disposable single blade razor is not a great thing unless your face is made of leather, but do you really need five blades to remove your stubble? No.

#3) It has batteries. This is just silly. You shouldn’t need batteries to shave your face. That is a reason that people don’t use electric shavers. They just want to be able to shave without any fuss and preparation (charging it). If you want to deal with an electrical supply, just use an electric shaver. Disposables should be simple.

#2) Cross promotions. The Gillette company has Fusion razors, Fusion brand shaving creams, Fusion aftershave lotions, they promote the battery powered Fusion and stress using Duracell batteries (also by Gillette), and on and on. It seems like they made the razor just to promote every other item they have, or so they can make new similarly themed products to go with it. It’s all about the Hamiltons.

And the number one reason why you shouldn’t buy the Gillette Fusion…

#1) YOU DON’T NEED IT!! It is nothing special. Sure, it will shave your face, but so will your old 3-blade razor that now costs a fraction (1/2) of the price. I use a Mach 3 and it works perfectly. This is nothing that is worth $10 or more (much more for the battery powered version). If you have been using a specific razor for many months or years now, and you are happy with it, stick with it. You just don’t need this.

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