How to Have a Look Similar to Scarlett Johansson

Beautiful eyes, gorgeous mane, flawless skin – those are only some of the traits of Scarlett Johansson. You can have a look similar to hers by following some of the techniques and using similar makeup shades. You must have some of her features to attain this look, like a heart-shaped face and blonde to brown hair.

It’s easy to change your hair color but not so easy to pull it off if you don’t have the right complexion for the color change. Scarlett Johansson has somewhat of a light brown shade to her hair, with blonde highlights, all over. Her slightly-longer-than-shoulder-length hair is usually worn in a tussled manner that is styled slightly back and away from her face. She also frequently wears it in a way that locks fall around her forehead and temple areas. She’s also known to wear her hair back in a bun or pulled into clips.

Scarlett’s eyes are a beautiful aqua color that’s enhanced by using plenty of dark mascara and eyeliner. Smoky gray, deep purple, and light blue shades are her eyelid colors. Apply several coats of mascara to top and bottom lashes, then line the area just above the bottom lashes with very dark eyeliner before applying lid color.

It’s now possible to get contacts in just about any color. This is an option when trying to attain the Scarlett Johansson look. And, you don’t need to have a prescription to get just the colored contacts.

Scarlett Johansson’s complexion is a creamy color that’s not too pale but definitely not dark and tan. Light-colored foundations are great, especially ones that are moisturizing and sheer. Make sure you apply it to the neck area as well, so you don’t have that makeup-stops-here line around the jaw.

Choose a barely pink shade of blush and apply it just on the apples of the cheeks. Since Scarlett doesn’t overdo the facial makeup you’ll want to go easy on the blush, just giving yourself a mild dusting from cheeks, outward.

Choose a dark pink lipstick but no lip liner. Scarlett’s lips are full but not overdone. Choose a lipstick that’s not too shiny and will stay on well. Reapply throughout the day to keep it looking fresh.

Don’t expect to see Scarlett dripping with diamonds and gold on an average day. She may wear something elegant for a special appearance, but for the most part, she prefers little jewelry. Small diamond stud earrings, a chunky turquoise necklace, or just a simple gold chain is what you’ll see her wearing.

Scarlett Johansson’s sense of style has a broad range. She loves outfits in shades of pink, purple and blue. She’s known for combining fashions that normally wouldn’t look right together, like a frilly sleeveless dress with a denim vest. Somehow the fashions always look great on her. View photos online of Scarlett to get more of an idea on how to dress with her style.

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