Summer Beach Tips: Protecting Your Sun Fun

The summer sun is calling you to the beach. The sand is soft and the water is just the cure for the sweltering summer heat. Are you really ready for this experience? Do you have the proper protections in place that will save you from summer pains? The right protection for your beach excursion could enhance your summer fun.

1. Sun Protection

No-not tanning lotion – you need SUNBLOCK or SUNSCREEN. If the overwhelming evidence that overexposure to the sun could lead to skin cancer is not enough to convince you to use sunblock or sunscreen, consider the aging factor. Who wants to look 60 when they’re in their 30s? The beauty industry is already booming with products that fight aging. Why add to the boom by not protecting your skin now?

Remember-use a minimum SPF 30 and frequently reapply. There are different features that you need to consider-sweatproof, waterproof, cream, spray. Also treat your tender lips which are often forgotten about in sun protection. Make sure your lip balm contains a minimum SPF 30 rating. Kissing is no fun when your kissaroos are leathery, burnt, and chapped.

Sunglasses are also a must. Remember to get shades with both UVA and UVB protection. It will not only save your eyes from premature cataracts, it will also help you to not tire so quickly with constant squinting.

There are other means to protect your tender skin from the sweltering sun. Consider clothing specially made for UV protection. Surfers and other water lovers have made these items stylish and cool. Hats are also a great protection for your face, scalp and neck. Make sure they cover all areas around your head.

2. Sand Protection

As appealing as the sand looks in the glistening sun, it gets HOT! Unless you spend your entire time pruning in the ocean, you’re going to need a place to sit or to lie down on shore. Some people opt to use their towels as a protection between their bodies and the sand. If you choose to do this, be sure to shake out the towel completely before wiping your wet body with it. If you don’t, be prepared for a chafing from miscellaneous pieces of sand rubbing across your body. Other options are mats and blankets. Consider materials with smooth surfaces which are less likely to retain sand when you pick up and go. In any case, find a mat that will be comfortable for hours in the sun.

Another option would be a folding chair. If you plan to beach it often, invest in a good quality chair. Many beaches are littered with abandoned chairs which met their demise with broken frames and stretched out seats that no longer hold the average-weight beach-goer. Be sure the frame is extremely sturdy (check the wobble-factor) and that the seat itself is made of reinforced stitching and of material that will not stretch out. (Have you ever sat on a stretched-out vinyl seat that placed your bottom directly on the ground? It’s no fun.)

3. Thirst and Hunger Protection

Water is a must. The sun, combined with beach activity will utilize the water in your body quickly. Some people get so caught up in the thrill of the beach, that they don’t notice their bodies dehydrating. Bottled water is just the cure for this. Have it in easy reach and within sight so that you will remember. Also be sure to label your bottle to prevent mix-ups with another person’s water. Who wants to drink from your friend’s bottle full of backwash?

Food is optional-but it certainly is an enhancing feature. It will help fight energy drain from all the dynamic beach activities you participate in. Many beach goers will attest that the salt air works on the senses so that a simple peanut butter and jelly sandwich tastes like a gourmet meal.

4. Other Protection

Plastic. Did you say PLASTIC? Yup-comes in very handy. Plastic bags are convenient garbage holders that will keep you out of the category of beach litterers. Toss your rubbish in a plastic bag and drop it in the next trash can you find. Just be sure that your bag is used to reduce beach litter – not become beach litter.

A plastic bag is also useful to lay on your car seat before you plant your ocean-soaked beachwear onto your vehicle’s driver’s seat. Some car seats may become stinky, moldy, or mildew-ridden if wet from beach travel. A simple barrier between your wet swimwear and your four-wheeled investment will prevent a yucky ride.

So – Is the summer sun is still calling? Is the cool ocean water is still waiting for you? Go forth and enjoy. Just be sure to use these handy beach tips to protect yourself and to maximize your summer fun.

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