UV-Free Sun Tanning Options

Not long ago, alabaster skin was prized. Fair complexions were the desired look for the leisure class, who had no need to earn their living with menial outdoor labor. The term blueblood, in fact, derived from the veins showing through the pale skin of royals at rest. Thanks to Coco Chanel, the San Tropez holiday glow became the new look for the fortunate and fashionable. A bronze body still remains the beauty standard in Texas. A tan is slimming, hides a multitude of little flaws, and gives the appearance of a healthy and cosmopolitan lifestyle. Too much fun in the sun, however, causes serious damage. From premature aging to melanomas, the safest bet for achieving a sexy bronze bod is to faux glow.

The options are diverse: gradual color-building lotions, self-applied tanners (in creams, foams, towelettes, mists, and more), powder bronzers, salon airbrushing, self-tanners applied by pros, and the Mystic Tan booth. All tanners seek a process that’s streak free, easy, lasting, and most importantly, not a shade of orange.
Here are a few of the top Dallas picks�.

The Best Tinting Moisturizer
Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizers
This classic drugstore brand created an instant hit with economical emollient lotions for both face and body. Replacing your daily moisturizer, the products soften skin while adding healthy tint. The color (available in three shades) builds gradually over 3 to 10 days.

The Best Brush-On Bronzer
Guerlain Terracotta Collection
Super-chic compacts open to reveal a mosaic of finely milled bronzing powder. With both matte and pearl effects in shades of pink, brown, and gold, one compact fits all. Guerlain’s bronzing powder for men, however, retains machismo with a shaving bowl-inspired pot and a natural, matte copper hue.

The Best Self-Tanner
Lanc�´me Flash Bronzer
A seriously sexy streak-free tan is achievable at home. LancÃ?´me’s Flash Bronzer is made in oodles of formulas, but the mousse and airbrush versions garner the most girlfriend-to-girlfriend recommendations. Both offer lightweight and even coverage, shimmery gold color, and Vitamin E for soft skin.

The Best Sunless Salon Treatment
Sun FX Spray-On Tan
It’s hard for even the most agile to reach that little spot between the shoulder blades. Let a professional expertly apply the tanning potion. At Mari’s Skin Care Salon, the chemical-free and odorless Sun FX is gun-sprayed for complete coverage. After six hours, a gorgeous tan has magically developed. The color -one of three shades, and none of them orange- lasts 5 to 7 days before fading gracefully.

The Best Way to Wean Off the Tanning Bed
Mystic Tan
Okay, it sounds a little sci-fiâÂ?¦. Strip down and step into Jetsons-esque booth to be sprayed with an ultrafine mist of high-tech self tanner. “Magnetically” attracted to the skin, the mist creates a smooth, even tan. Peak color develops in 24 hours. Like a traditional bed, once peak color is reached, it can be maintained with visits every 4 to 5 days.

Make that sunless tan last longer with these beauty strategies�.
�· Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate!
The smoother the skin, the less spotty the finished color. Use a loofah or pumice with special attention to rough areas before the application.

�· Lotion up.
Frequent moisturizing skin will help retain color.

�· Be patient.
If you’re playing kitchen beautician, take time to cover every inch and carefully rub in the product.

�· Read product reviews.
Visit on-line beauty blogs to get advice from other consumers.

�· Use tint judiciously.
To be on the safe side, don’t self-tan right before a big event.

Taking the sun out of the suntan is the best way to keep delicate skin safe. Even though these products offer a golden glow, though, they don’t offer any sun protection. If you haven’t been vigilant in applying sunscreen, let May’s Melanoma Awareness Month be a caring reminder to start now. Pat Sheetz, owner of Mari’s Skin Care Salon, raves about ColorScience’s mineral powder. “It’s a pulverized titanium and zinc oxide sunscreen that goes on sheer,” says Ms. Sheetz. “The SPF is 30 and above. It’s water-resistant, it’s not greasy like other sunscreens, and everyone in the family can use it.”

Those who can’t get away on holiday now have several great ways to fake it. For those who still prefer to bask, the life of true suntans can be extended with fab bronzers, too.

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