How to Make Egg White Facial for Oily Skin

If you really want a simple treatment for your oily skin without paying for expensive beauty products, then Egg White Facial is a simple and natural treatment for you. This facial mask cleans the tiny pores of your skin smoothly, helps your with acne problem and soothes oily skin. Egg white (albumen) has been used in skin treatments and beauty products for as long as people can remember. Additionally, it is still as effectual as ever. Oily skin leads to many skin problems like acne. Therefore, do not wait for the unwanted acnes to appear on your face, and enjoy this relaxing and pleasing natural spa experience right there in your own home with an Egg White Facial.

Things you will need to make Egg White Facial for Oily Skin
– One egg
– One spoon fresh lemon
– Few green leaves of fresh mint
– Small Mixing bowls
– Whisk or Spoon
– Towel


  • 1

    First of all crack the egg into a small mixing bowl with both of your hands.

  • 2

    Now, carefully separate the albumen (egg-white) from the yolk (egg-yellow) and shift it to the other small bowl.

    Note: Place the bowl of the egg yolk in your refrigerator to use for cooking purpose.

  • 3

    Pick a medium whisk or spoon and beat the egg white until foamy and smooth.

  • 4

    Cut a fresh lemon into two with a sharp knife. Pick one of the lemon slices, squeeze one teaspoon of its juice and pour it into the egg white.

  • 5

    Mix the albumen and lemon juice for approximately one minute until they merge into one another and are even.

  • 6

    Wash your face with cold water and wipe it dry with a tissue paper.

  • 7

    Now, do not waste time and apply the egg-white mask to your face over a sink, avoiding your mouth and eyes. Make sure to tighten your hair and cover them with a towel.

    Note: Immediately apply the egg-white face mask once you prepare it.

  • 8

    Now, sit down in a comfortable position and let the mask sit on your face for at least 10 to 15 minutes.

    Note: Make sure not to move or talk during the rest period as the egg white tightens the pores, which can re-open if you move or talk. Secondly, it can give birth to wrinkles in your face. So, the crux of this simple note is, “Sit down calmly until the mask dries well.”

  • 9

    Once the mask dries and starts cracking, gently move to your sink and wash your face with lukewarm water.

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