How To- Set Up a Trampoline in Less Than Half an Hour

Trampolines are great fun, bouncy, springy and ready to please. You’re kid, [or you] probably wants one, and you know what, they’re a great fun way to make sure you’re getting good exersice. So, you decide to buy one, right? They cost anywhere from 150$ to 200$, depending on the size and brand you buy. Those helpful folks at the store will help you load it up, and then, you’re on your own.

When you get home, you open up that grand box, all ready to start. But this doesn’t look like a trampoline! There’s just a lot of little bars and the net’s been folded down into a tiny square. What to do? Upon consulting the manual, you will find some very confusing instructions [such as connect piece A to piece B, and so forth] and have no idea where to start. Well, don’t give up yet.

Here’s a sure fire way to set up a Trampoline.

1, Set up the legs. It shouldn’t be hard to see which pieces are the legs, they’re usually short, and most have a ninty degree bend in the middle. Put them all together, then set aside.

2, There should be some long, curved pieces with little holes on the ends pointing down. Depending on how large the trampoline will be, their should be 6-8 of them.

3, Attatch one section to each leg.

4, After doing this, you need to mash the sections together. This will take some real doing, and about four people, so don’t give up, eventually, they will snap together, and you will have your frame.

5, Now comes the fun part. You need to stretch out the net, and begin putting on the springs. THIS WILL TAKE LOTS OF MUSCLE, AND PATIENCE. Start at one edge, attatch one spring. Then stretch the one directly across from him. DO NOT, AND I REPEAT, DO NOT, DO ALL THE SPRINGS ON ONE SIDE FIRST.

As tempting as it may be, it will be impossible to stretch the ones on the other side if you do this, so don’t even try. Another tip, be very careful about getting them even. You may have to count how many little slots there are, but this is very important, so don’t forget, otherwise you may end up with an extra hole.

6, when you have all the sprigs put on, you get to jump on it! There, that wasn’t too hard, right? It’ll be worth it too.

Don’t forget to always be safe, and don’t take stupid risks, as you could be seriously hurt.

Have fun!

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