Traincase Makeover

When was the last time you had your makeover? How about your traincases or makeup bags? Don’t you think it’s a bout time to check all your stuff. Cosmetics do have a shelf life too just like any ordinary products we use. Shelf life will vary on all makeup products depending on exposure to air, moisture and light. It’s also important for us to know that these cosmetics can also be a danger in our health. Makeup if not properly use or stored can be a breeding ground for bacteria and can cause infections.

Here is a detailed information to need to know.

1. Mascara – they have the shortest life span and should be tossed after 3 months. Pumping the wand in and out can cause contamination.

2. Lipstick – could last up to 2 years if used properly. It will develop an unpleasant smell or changes in color, it’s time for them to go.

3. Foundation – they could last for 12-18 months for as long as you use a sponge to apply it. Throw it away if it starts to change in color and consistency.

4. Eyeshadow – powder eyeshadows could last for about 3 years because they are highly pigmented, you’ll know when to throw if it becomes crumbly in texture. Cream eyeshadows last 12-15months just like any cream products.

5. Blush/Powder – they may start to change in texture after 2 years. If the powders become crumbly and uneven because of the oil residue from your fingers or sponge applicators building up on the surface.

It’s sad to throw away makeup or any cosmetic products that hasn’t been really used bu it is recommended to throw all your cosmetics that changed in color, texture and consistency. After all your health is much important than your cosmetics, you could develop nasty skin irritations, rashes or infections, so do yourself a favor.

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