Fall Fashion Trends

A fundamental shift in fashion trends began in 2006: The bohemian look ran its course and starkly different styles took its place. Short skirts and skinny jeans have replaced fluid, flowing fabrics. The ’80s look is making a resurgence, especially with leggings and baggy sweaters, and a masculine touch has supplanted the feminine camisoles and lingerie-inspired looks of the past few seasons. Some themes emerged out of these general trends on the runways recently, and you can add a few or all of them to your closet this year for a fresh, cutting-edge look during the fall and winter. With taste and personal flair, you can adapt these trends to your own style.

Not Just for Schoolgirls

Remember the Sex in the City episode where Charlotteshows up at Trey’s family fling wearing a strapless, floor-length gown in the MacDougal tartan? That dress would be fashion perfection this fall because plaid is everywhere. (In fact, Ralph Lauren showcased a dress surprisingly similar to Charlotte’s.) Oscar de la Renta, Diane Von Furstenberg and Marc Jacobs are just a few of the other designers who incorporated plaids into a variety of pieces, from skirts to blouses to jackets. Use discretion with plaid; don’t let a large pattern overpower you. While multiple designs were paired together at a number of shows, beware of over-doing it in your own look. One bold piece can show off this trend just as well as a busy mix.

On the Bubble

Contrasting with the tight leggings and skinny jeans seen everywhere this fall is the bubble, a Balenciaga-inspired cocoon shape that dovetails perfectly with the other popular trends. Bubble skirts look great over a pair of fitting pants or tights, and a slim shirt or jacket accentuates their graceful curve at the hips. Many different types of bubbles decorated the runways, from subtly curved miniskirts to fully puffed-up coats. Valentino even had bubble sleeves on dresses. When wearing this look, be honest with yourself about your body type. If you’re petite or have a long torso, be sure to wear heels that will extend the line of your legs. A slight bubble works well on just about anybody, so if you’re unsure about how to incorporate this style into your personal look, remember that sometimes less is more.

Loving Layers

In this instance fashion and practicality come together. Just in time for cold weather, layers have become a hot trend. Whether ’80s-style like Footloose or reminiscent of the grunge era of the early ’90s, layered shapes and fabrics will keep you warm and looking fashionable. Once again, the skinny pants and leggings dominating this season’s trends are perfect for this style too; a slouchy sweater or a knee-length dress looks fantastic over slim bottoms. Chunky, heavy knits, from scarves to sweater dresses and everything in between, featured prominently in layered looks. The Chanel collection embodied this idea with angular jackets and dresses in thick fabrics layered over cigarette pants and boots. Your personal style can really run wild here because layering offers endless possibilities. Let your creativity and winter comfort be your guide.

Heavy Metal

Glittering fabrics and accessories are everywhere this fall, and whether they’re used sparingly or boldly, metallics exude glamour. Gold, silver, bronze, and even whites and blacks shone on the runways. Valentino offered some particularly elegant dresses and skirts in metal-inspired fabrics. Anybody can adapt to this trend, so add a shimmering touch to your wardrobe in whatever way you like. Shoes, jewelry, even eye makeup can draw upon this look, but just remember that everything should be done in moderation. Don’t blind people when you walk down the street; use this classy trend to enhance your sophistication. Pair bejeweled accessories with a subtly-colored outfit, or let a sparkling dress gleam uncluttered.

No matter what your personal taste is, you can find a fall trend to complement your look. Stay true to yourself and your style and you’ll be sure to look fabulous all winter long!

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