Footbaths: Easiest Way to Improve Circulation

Working in an office, the office temperature is something of contention. Often it is set lower than I would like. While I can put on a jacket or a coat, it seems that my feet never get warm, despite being under a layer of sock, and another layer of shoe. It was a happy coincidence that I went with my mom to a Chinese doctor. Her elbow had been bothering her and she went for some acupuncture therapy. I mentioned to the doctor that my feet seems to be in a persistently cold state.

What the Doctor Said

The doctor mentioned he had a lot of cases where people worked in low temperature offices and they would frequently complain of cold hands and freezing feet, no matter how many layers they put on. It is actually a matter of internal circulation. Because office work does not require much movement, circulation is not optimal. You can see the effects sedentary work on people’s behinds, I thought.

As a Chinese doctor, his advice was more therapeutic than ‘here, take some pills’. This time was no different. He advised that I should try a daily footbath in hot water. I could do anything else I’d like, read, watch TV, just make sure my foot is immersed in hot water for 5-10 minutes per day. Because the foot a hotbed of nerves that are rarely stimulated beyond the movements required by walking, waking up the nerves with hot water will help improve circulation throughout the body. He mentioned that this is a good practice for the elder as well.

Implementing the Footbath

No special equipment is necessary. A bucket big enough to fit both of your feet in is sufficient. Just fill it with hot water, not hot enough to scald, but hot enough for 5-10 minutes and set it by the couch or the desk. You can pay your bills or even watch TV. Be sure to have a towel handy, and don’t wait until the water gets cold to remove your feet. If you want an even temperature throughout the 5-10 minutes, think about investing in an electric foot spa. The more expensive ones have features such as bubbling massages. They can be found in your local Bed Bath & Beyond or ordered online through Amazon.

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