Ten Reasons Why You Should Not Buy Proactiv Solution 3-Step System

Jessica Simpson, Kelly Clarkson, and Vanessa Williams use it and their skin is crystal clear. What an amazing product, right?

Maybe you should consider that they have greater means than the average person of getting rid of facial blemishes. In fact we wouldn’t even know if they ever had a zit due to the amazing makeup artists that recreate their faces before public or TV appearances. While we, at best, could use some cover-up, they could have artistically layered makeup that covers even the most obvious of blemishes.

So, if you think that the stars testimonials are proof enough maybe you should consider the following reasons why this product isn’t what they advertise.

1. Off to a Rough Start
The Renewing Cleanser is first in the beautifying process. It comes in a 4 oz. bottle and sports Benzoyl Peroxide as the active ingredient. This ingredient is used in many different acne management products (i.e. the generic “spot” gels or creams that you dot in “small” amounts on the area of infection). The amount of Renewing Cleanser to use is up to you, (it is suggested that you use a dime sized amount) but I wouldn’t smear that much Benzoyl Peroxide on my face; not only did it sting the infected areas, but it only manages to dry out the “clear” spots I do have and leave an uncomfortable tightness to my facial skin. The product dispenses as a white cream and has rough textured “beads” to make for an unpleasant lathering experience. Directions state that you can use it morning and night on a daily basis; but unless your face is a dried and leathery boot, this is too abrasive for such frequent usage.

2. Toner is Nothing Special
Now we come to the Revitalizing Toner. I’m uncertain whether this has any effective ingredient in preventing acne, but it seems to be your regular run of the mill toner. It’s nothing fancy, except for the price, and it left my skin looking oily. Isn’t that what it’s trying to avoid?

3. Double Run of Benzoyl Peroxide
After you let the Toner fully dry, you apply the Repairing Lotion to just the infected areas. This contains the same 2.5% of Benzoyl Peroxide as the Renewing Cleanser, but in a concentrated 2 oz bottle. The only difference is that you don’t wash this off because this is the real “solution” part to the system. Hopefully you don’t get acne by your lips because you can’t use it near them, as Benzoyl Peroxide should not be ingested. I also found that if you don’t let the product dry before putting on your work clothes it will cause a discoloration in fabrics. Nice.

4. Beware of Freebees
Just when you thought this system couldn’t get any worse on your skin, they threw in the Refining Mask free of charge. The first time I used this Sulfur based product I actually got a sudden break out of acne which I didn’t have the beginnings of before using it.

5. Sulfur Toilette
I’ve reserved number five for the sulfur aroma. The Refining Mask’s sulfur scent lingers around your face for at least 24 hours after it has long been rinsed off. I kept getting concerned comments about whether I was feeling okay. Apparently this scent is reminiscent of the scent of stomach acid to most people and leads them to believe you may have vomited that day.

6. Rashes
If you have sensitive skin this product is not for you. I have mild acne problems once in a while and this product irritates my skin and promotes acne more than it helps prevent or cure it. My husband has oily skin that is prone to acne and this product only gave him rashes as it did me.

7. Automatic Shipment Poorly Explained
Well, eight weeks after my husband first received this product, which gave him a terrible rash, they had the automatic shipment all ready for him. That’s right, it’s not just a one-time trial, you sign up for automatic shipments-automatically. If you aren’t that observant, like my husband, you will let this fine print detail slip away and continue to be charged $45.00 every eight weeks or so until you cancel.

8. Difficult to Cancel
Which brings us to number eight. How do you cancel your membership? We searched the Website for any information about canceling this unwanted membership, but found no easy access to cancellation information. It would appear they don’t want you to cancel without a fight.

9. Lousy Customer Service
It’s always a bad time to cancel in their book. Let’s say it is almost time for the next unwanted shipment and you explain to the customer service representative that you would like to cancel. They will then elucidate on how it is “impossible” to stop a shipment nearly a week before it is to go out. How is this possible? The run around to cancel was so difficult you might even be tempted to just keep paying them for their awful product just to avoid the hassle. Maybe that’s the plan.

10. The price.
You can get Johnson & Johnson’s Clean & Clear oil-free foaming facial cleanser for a mere fraction of the cost and see similar if not better results. I have realized that paying top dollar doesn’t guarantee quality. Obviously this is the case with Proactiv.

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