At-Home Hair Dying Tips

Everyone has different reasons for dying their hair. Most common reasons for dying hair: Want to look younger, cover gray hair (Gray hair happens when follicles stop producing melanin, the substance that creates hair color. Genetics play a role, when early graying runs in families. White people tend to go gray earlier then those of other races), enhance our facial features, create a new look or darken hair color. When choosing a hair color for the first time, and don’t want to be shocked by the outcome, pick a hair color that is close to your natural color (Your hair dye should blend in well with the color of your eyebrow or dye your eyebrow after dying your hair), not necessary to consider a brand name product, and decide if you want a temporary or semi — permanent formula. A temporary hair dye color will wash out in six to twelve hours, and not place any stress on you, if your not happy with the results. Also, temporary hair color should not contain peroxide, which will not damage or dry your hair, which permanent coloring can possible cause.

Anyone determined to dye their hair with a permanent hair dye solution, have few options. Permanent hair color dyes last the longest, but must be applied to the roots, as the hair grows. These permanent dyes contain peroxides, and ammonia, when exposed to sunlight, eventually fades the color, and the application will need to re – applied. Often wearing a hat to cover your hair, when going outside in the sunlight, will keep the color longer. Also, avoid swimming in a pool or ocean, which can further fades the hair color. Long – Lasting Semi — Permanent hair dye will last the longest. Washing your hair up to twenty-four times, hair color will remain, and especially for those that want to cover their gray hair longer. Semi – Permanent hair dyes will last the least amount of time. The color will wash out, usually after six to twelve times after shampoos. Remember permanent and semi — permanent hair dyes manufactured by different companies, will not get the same results. Using the same brand name or hair dye will yield same results each time. Sometimes experimenting with different hair dyes manufactures, can often find the best results, and will help find the best dye for your desire.
Further tips should be considered, when first using a hair dye or those who had the experience dying their hair. Hair dye should be applied to fairly clean or just shampooed clean hair. Never condition your hair before applying any hair dye. Apply a patch test near the neck, to check if there is any bad reaction to the dye. Check for any skin irritation, loss of hair and if the color is the results you desire. If any problems exist, immediately wash the area. Before applying coloring, cut off all dry ends. This will keep the color even. Don’t mix dyes with different colored bases, since the results will not be what you expected. People that have gold or red skin tones should choose colors that are similar, such as gold red or auburn hair dyes. A beauty salon can best provide advise on hair dye color, based on your skin tone. Always follow the directions on the application, use a towel around the base of your neck to prevent any dye from falling onto your clothing or other parts of your skin, and preferable wear plastic gloves, which will often be enclosed in a home hair dye kit. After dying your hair, if the results are darker then expected or used the wrong hair dye that caused unexpected dark color, then washing your hair with Liquid Tide over a period of days, will lighten the color or until you can fix it back to way you desired. Coloring products can be very abrasive to your hair, if used repeatedly or often. Home dye kits are less expensive then going to a professional hair salon.

Pregnant women should use caution avoiding any hair dye. The hair dye is absorbed through the scalp. The chemicals in the hair coloring may effect the neurological development of the fetus or baby, any time during the three trimesters. If there is necessity to color your hair, use hair color product with the least number of chemicals, use in a ventilated room and wear gloves to avoid exposure to the skin. Also, semi — permanent dye contains low or no ammonia, and low or no peroxide.”Hair Mascara” tubes filled with temporary hair color dye, coat the outside layer of the hair, does not affect scalp, no fumes to inhale, and safe when pregnant.

Alternative or less coloring application would be adding highlights. The process involves applying chemicals to one — half to one-inch from the root, which does not touch the scalp. Application involves pulling the hairs through a cap with tiny holes, and applying the chemical solution. More hairs that go through the tiny holes will have more dramatic results. This can accentuate area of your hair, while not coloring the entire hair. Highlights should last up to eight weeks, before repeating the process. This can be professionally applied at a beauty salon, and variety of colors available. Also, this application is safe for pregnant women, since no chemicals touch the scalp that can enter the blood stream.

Further information regarding hair dye: Some studies have suggested a link to cancer rates of bladder tumors in women, that dyed their hair twice as often, compared to those women that kept their natural color. Dye chemical builds up in the bladder and eventually damage the cells. A study published by the American Journal of Industrial Medicine, has shown that hairdressers have a higher risk of dementia, Alzheimer’s and motor neuron diseases, being exposed to chemicals often used in hair dye. The risk is 23 – 38 percent higher, than the general population. However Ray Seymour, general secretary of the National Hairdresser’s Federation disputes these findings. According to the American Association of Retired Persons, fifty — three percent of women members dye their hair, and six percent of men members dye their hair. In 2002, Americans spend $1.6 Billion on home hair dye, and that’s not counting salon coloring.

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