Monistat for Fast Hair Growth?

Being the crazy researcher I am, I stumbled across some interesting ways to grow your hair, longer, faster and make it healthy. You’ll have to decide for your self if this is something you want to do, but I love making my readers informed about things they may not have ever heard of before and supplying you guys with the facts!

So have you dreamed of long, luxurious healthy hair? Are you tired of waiting month after month to even see the slightest difference in your hair growth, wishing it would magically and rapidly grow long in only a few months time? Have you tried Monistat 7? Yes, you heard correctly, Monistat 7, also know as yeast infection cream! And yes, I do mean on your hair, well actually your scalp!

I know at about this time you maybe terrified to learn that this simple trick has actually been proven with great success on many, many people looking to grow their hair longer in a smaller amount of time. This isn’t a magic pill, or should I say cream! But it does seem to have a profound effect of changing the natural growth rate of your hair by double or even triple and more the growth in just a couple of months. we are talking up to 2 (two) inches per month, which is pretty rapid and crazy growth rate considering the typical rate at which hair grows is only 1/2 inch per month. Many people actually find their hair grows even less than the average, so for those who are using this method and gaining up to 2 (two) inches per month-they are literally seeing results 4x’s as fast as they would if they didn’t apply Monistat to their scalp. The question is, are you up for it?

What You Need To Know First

You do need to know a few things first. This will be important in deciding if using Monistat 7 on your hair for long healthy hair growth is something you will feel comfortable doing in order to achieve long hair and accelerate your hair growth.

1) This is not meant to be used long term.

Most people who chose this treatment, use it for only a couple of months. It’s been reported by it’s followers that the benefits and crazy growth of hair actually stop after two to three months anyways. Not only that.

2) It’s a bit pricey.

Monistat 7 is surely not the cheapest thing in the world. A tube typically costs between $12.00 to $16.00 and even when diluted, doesn’t last very long in terms of applying it to the entire scalp daily or even every other day. Some users boldly exclaim that it’s worth every penny, but only you can make that decision. After all, your hair will eventually grow even if you don’t use Monsitat, it will just take longer to grow your hair to your desired length.

3) Beauty = Pain…Sometimes!

Some users experience what the call a migraine like no other after applying the Monistat 7 to their scalp. Others report a mild headache while others don’t ever even experience a headache at all. It’s a risk you may have to take if you want to experiment with making your hair grow faster and longer using Monistat 7. On the plus side, it seems to be less likely that you will develop a severe migraine if it is properly diluted and it also lessens after the first few applications.

4) You may notice shedding..but it’s no big deal..REALLY!

Before you get completely turned off this idea of using Monistat 7 on your scalp to promote fast hair growth, understand that you typically (whether you notice it or not) shed about 100 hairs a day. With that being said, some find that during the time frame in which they are applying Monistate 7 to their scalp, they shed less, almost not at all! But as soon as they discontinue the Monistat 7 treatments, all those hairs begin to fall. These are hairs you would have most likely already lost, but instead of coming out every day, were not released until after treatment is over. It may be alarming to see, but it’s not as serious as it looks.

5) Prepare to be Embarrassed!

If you have ever purchased Monsitat 7 for a yeast infection, you may already know the feeling of going through the check out line withh the product. But now imagine buying 5 tubes at a time or becoming a regular Monistat 7 buyer at your local drug store. It’s not the most comfortable scenario I assume, which is why many trying to grow their hair long using Monistat, a cream used for vaginal yeast infections try to buy it online if possible. However, many times it is more expensive online and if you have a coupon, it can not be redeemed over the internet.

On another note, your loved ones may get a tad concerned it they find empty tubes and packaging of Monistat in your bathroom trash followed by a stash of tubes in the cabinets. And you will most likely look crazy if you explain it’s for your scalp, not your vagina! And if by chance you are a many using this method…well I’m sure you can easily see the almost unavoidable embarrassment in both purchasing and using Monitat 7 (for fast hair growth)!!

Now, with everything I mentioned I do want to explain why it DOES work, which is pretty important! It’s actually not the Monistat itself..but rather just one ingredient IN the Monistat that does the trick. It is actually the active ingredient Miconazole Nitrate , that is responsible for the accelerated hair growth. The Miconazole Nitrate found in Monistat (2%) is an anti-fungus medicine that is used for things such as yeast infections and athletes feet and when applied to the scalp can clear up hair follicle clogging oily scalp residue, dandruff, and fungus infections that are present on the scalp including psoriasis or even ring worm. All of these scalp conditions can cause very poor hair growth and when you eradicate them, hair grows amazingly fast for the first few months!

Now before you actually go out and fill your cart with Monsitat, learning proper application is vitally important. And because application can vary from person to person I will highly suggest you do some research. The Long Hair Community has a discussion thread that is hundreds and hundreds of pages long filled with everything from application techniques to success stories, as well as more in depth talk about these and other side effects not mentioned in this article. It goes back years and years and is filled with just about every possible answer to every question you have right now! Not only is The Long Hair Community a great place to learn about growing long hair using Monistat, but they have other amazing (and many times unheard of) secrets to growing your hair as long as you desire.

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