How to Make Homemade Stretch Mark Removal Cream

Stretch marks are basically the ugly and unwanted skin blotches that are the unpleasant result of skin that has changed in size too quickly. Stretch marks are usually purple, pink, or red in color and can affect you during muscle gain, late stages of pregnancy or after sudden growth. The stomach, thighs, buttock and upper arms are the main targets of hideous stretch marks.  These marks can badly affect your overall look, skin and personality. Make sure to apply proper cream the moment the stretch marks begin to appear on your skin.

There is no doubt that you can find a wide array of Stretch Mark Removal Creams in the market. However, believe it or not; this Homemade Stretch Mark Removal Cream recipe can work wonderfully as the majority pricey creams available in the market today. Now would you like to spend hundreds of dollar on the commercially available expensive (branded) stretch mark removal creams when you can make it at home? Of course not! Save those hundreds to spend somewhere else.

This Homemade Stretch Mark Removal Cream is not only cost-effective, but very useful at the same time as it contains all the natural ingredients that work well to do away with the stretch marks. So, make your own Homemade Stretch Mark Removal Cream and enjoy!!!

Things Required:

– ¼ cup cocoa butter
– 1 tbsp wheat germ oil
– 1 medium sized lemon
– ¼ cup milk
– 1 teaspoon sesame oil
– 1 teaspoon apricot kernel oil
– 1 teaspoon vitamin E oil – or 2 capsules of vitamin E
– 2 teaspoons beeswax beads
– 2 Capsules of Vitamin A
– Water


  • 1

    In a large mixing bowl, blend all the mentioned ingredients until it forms a downy but well-incorporated and smooth mixture.

  • 2

    Carefully pour the mixture into the top part of your double boiler and fill its lower portion with water.

  • 3

    Wait until the water in the boiler’s lower part starts simmering on stove’s medium heat range.

  • 4

    Once it starts boiling, use a large ladle to stir the mixture lightly for the next 5 to 8 minutes until the mixture’s cocoa butter and the beeswax melt fully.

  • 5

    Now turn off the heat of the stove, take away the double boiler and place on a smooth surface.

  • 6

    Keep on gentle stirring until the mixture cools down completely.

  • 7

    Once cool well, pour this mixture into a dry airtight jar or container and place in your refrigerator for some time, before applying it to the stretch marks.

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