Three Fast and Easy Ways to Remove Dark Nail Polish

Fingernail enamel does not always come off without complications. When wanting to remove it, flecks of color are often left behind, especially around the cuticles. When wanting it to last, the polish chips and peels away little by little until it has to be completely removed. Stop rubbing, scrubbing and hurting your fingers. Use these fast and easy ways to take off dark nail polish, and prepare your nails for a glossy clear coat or a much lighter shade.

Use One Cotton Ball to Remove it All

If you go through four or five cotton balls when removing fingernail enamel, you are definitely doing it wrong. You do not have to use more than one. A single large cotton ball can be separated into two equal strips. Each strip can be torn into five pieces. Lightly soak each piece with nail polish remover, and cover each fingernail before dampening the next piece of cotton. After all of your nails are covered, remove the first piece of cotton along with the dark nail polish. Apply gentle pressure and pull it off along with the cotton. After saving money on cotton balls, you will have more money for polish.

Make a Money-Saving Polish Remover Jar

Nail polish remover jars are a fantastic alternative to liquid filled bottles. However, they are considerably more expensive. Save money by making a DIY version of the most popular store-bought solution. Save a plastic jar with a tight-fitting lid. Thoroughly wash and dry it. Cut a piece of soft foam to tightly fit within the jar when folded three or four times. A piece of a foam mattress topper is ideal. Fill the jar halfway with remover, and give the foam time to absorb it. Push your first finger in between the foam folds, and allow it to soak for about 30 seconds. If all of the dark color is not removed, immediately wipe it away with a tissue or cotton ball.

Use a Thirty Second Pad Method to Remove it All

Disposable makeup remover pads are ideal for removing dark nail polish. They quickly absorb the acetone and hold it within the fibers of the material. Soak a pad with remover, and place it firmly over the first fingernail. Allow it to work for 30 seconds before gently but firmly pulling off the polish. After it is soaked with acetone, it should come right off. Use the same pad to remove the enamel from all of your nails on one hand before turning it over and using the same pad on the other. When using one of the three aforementioned methods of removal, you will never have to rub, scrub or waste your supplies.


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