The Smoky Eye Look: Tips and Tricks

If you want to use your make-up to make a dramatic statement, you can’t go wrong with smoky eyes. Done properly, it’s gorgeous and very striking, but unfortunately, it’s also very easy to do wrong.


The easiest mistake to make is starting out with an eye shadow that just isn’t intended for the effect you’re hoping to achieve. I’ve had good luck with Covergirl’s Intense ShadowBlast, but I would recommend against choosing any of the lighter shades. If you’re careful, you might be able to pull it off, but they’re more likely to make you look like you just lost a fistfight than anything.

In general, I would suggest that you stick to neutral colors if you want to seem sophisticated and to colors if you want to seem more playful. Anything too bright is out of the question for anywhere except the nightclub; this is a look you have to be careful with if you’re planning on it for your next business meeting. I would also caution against very dark colors, as they tend to bring out any skin blemishes you may have. If you’ve found a dark brown you just love, think about softening by using a pink base-that can make a big difference.

Application Dos and Don’ts

Once you’ve settled on the color you want your lids to be, select a base shade and apply it to the upper part of the lid, making sure it sweeps all the way up into the brow line. After that, you’re ready for the lid color-lids are always a tricky area, so make sure it doesn’t look chunky. The highest part of the eyelid should be darkest, with a steady transition to a paler shade as you move outward. Then, use a small brush to apply the same shade to your bottom lash line, so it outlines the entire eye.

Now you’re ready to go! Complete the rest of your makeup routine, and you’re sure to grab everyone’s attention.

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