Secrets to Great Eye Makeup

If you do nothing else to your face in the morning after you wash and moisturize it, I would at least spend some time playing up your eyes. A light sweep of mascara and a touch of eyeliner and eyeshadow can do wonders to make your eyes look larger and give you a polished look. If you have more than a few minutes you can play with color and add a little more drama, as is the case with a smoky eye look.

When applied correctly, eye makeup is a great ally. However, apply the wrong colors, use the wrong techniques, or just simply use too much makeup, you risk looking silly and clownish. To avoid making mistakes, it is worth it to learn a few basic techniques.

Your eyebrows. Well defined eyebrows do a lot to make your eye makeup look polished and sophisticated. If your brows are unruly, you are missing out on a great opportunity to highlight your eyes naturally. Tweeze or wax excess hairs. Then, comb your eyebrows down and apply some brow highlighter that is a half shade lighter than your natural hair. To keep hairs in place, apply a tiny spritz of hairspray on your brow comb or brush. Or, you can purchase a special product.

Use a base. Eye makeup base products help your makeup last all day and prevent it from smearing. Apply it before you put on the rest of your eye makeup. Just make sure it dries thoroughly before adding eyeshadow and eyeliner. You can also use a dab of foundation, some pressed powder, or a light colored eye shadow. Though, special products designed to be used as a base have more staying power.

The perfect colors. Keep in mind that there are a variety of colors that you can use that will compliment your eyes and complexion. Find a variety of colors that you can wear depending on the color of your clothes and your mood. For example, I have brown eyes and I have luck with smoky grey tones, blue, dark brown, light pink, white, and black. Those are my favorites and I mix and match depending on my other makeup colors and the clothes I am wearing. Experiment until you find the colors that work best for you.

Curl your lashes. This is one of those things that only takes an extra minute yet makes a dramatic difference. The open up your eyes and make your lashes look more defined. After you curl them, apply one coat of mascara right away. If you have never used a lash curler before, consult with an expert to learn the proper technique.

Eyeliner. Eyeliner can be tricky. If you apply too much it can make your eyes look small. Apply too little and it won’t even have an effect. Not to mention the fact that different eye and face shapes require different techniques and the color you choose will depend on your skin tone and eye color. Consult with an expert makeup artist or ask someone at your favorite department store cosmetic counter for advice.

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