Makeup Must Haves You Can’t Be Without

Looking pretty is not difficult if you have the basics of makeup. It includes using a brush, picking the right colours and taking care of the essentials of makeup. Mostly, it is believed that you need to learn it from some professional instructor/makeup artist but you can help yourself with little bit experience and observation.

Wise ladies keep two makeup cases, one for the everyday look and the other for party makeup. It keeps things simple if things are organised in such manner. However, you must know what to have in your  makeup case.


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    Remember, your face is the first thing that people notice while meeting you so you must give special attention to face makeup. You should keep foundation in your case. Make sure that it compliments your natural skin tone. If you don’t know your skin type then visit some cosmetics store and ask a sales girl for help. You can browse the internet and seek help from different online institutions.
    After getting a foundation, you will have to include concealer in your makeup case. If you have dark spots around your eyes then the concealer will help you to hide these imperfections. However, make sure that your concealer is not oil based rather it should be the one with sun protection factor (SPF).

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    To have a rosy look, you will have to apply a layer of blush on the apple of your cheeks. There are a couple of things that you should keep in mind while getting blush for you makeup case. First of all, pick the colour that is close to your skin tone otherwise you won’t look natural. Moreover, you should choose compact blush if you do not know much about makeup. However, if you are comfortable with creamy and liquid ones then they can make you look even better.

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    A little work on your lips can make them look attractive. First of all, you should use lip balm daily to keep them smooth and crack-free. Then choose a lipstick that compliments your makeup and natural skin colour.
    You also need lip gloss to make them more sexy and appealing. However, you do not need to wear them everywhere.

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    Eyes are among the most beautiful features of your face so do not ignore them. You must have eye shadows, eye liners, mascara and eyebrow pencils in your daily makeup case.

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