Makeup and Skin Care Tips for Older Women

Women’s skin changes as the age. For this reason, women have to take different steps in makeup and skin care at different ages in their lives.


Ahe, the wonderful twenties. This is the age where women are beginning are to come into their own. Yet, some are still getting that awful acne from their teenage years. What to do?

They should take the same steps they did as a teen. They need products that will remove the oil.

Some good products to try are ones with Benzoyl Peroxide and salicylic acid in them. Both Neutrogena and L’Oreal have some wonderful products for fighting acne that contains these ingredients.

There are also some wonderful spot treatments that will dry out the infected area and will even help hide the zit. Two good ones to try are Clean & Clean and Clearasil Ultra.


This is the age where women need to start preventing future problems. First, stay out of the sun. We all know what the sun can do to our skin. Then drink lots of water. Water will help our skin to stay moisturized.

When women reach their thirties they also need to start paying attention to the area around their eyes. The eyes are the first area of the face that will begin showing age because it is so fragile. Start using eye cream.

Look for eye creams that will diminish darkness, reduce puffiness and smooth your skin. Some good brands to try are Almay, Murad and L’Oreal.

Women in their thirties also want to start looking more sopiscated. A good make up tip to help achieve this look is the smoky eye look. To get this look, try using a flat angle eye brush and some powder eye liner. Tap the brush into the liner and then tap it along your eye, do not drag it. This look takes practice. If you make a mistake, clean the mistake up with a bit of foundation.

Since we know we have to stay out of the sun, try using bronzers to achieve that healthy sun look glow. Match a powdered bronzer not too dark for your skin tone all over your face. Use a matte like powder. If you want to achieve a more shimmer look then add this over the first matte layer, paying extra attention to the areas of your face that the sun would naturally hit. Then try using a liquid bronzer on your body.


At this stage of a woman’s life, her skin can be dryer and looser (from lack of collagen). She also may need more lift. For this reason, women in their forties should try using some serums. Look for products that say they will lift and firm your skin. Visibly Firm and Retinol Correxion by Roc are great products to use.

Women in their forties should also start using night cream to help with dryness. Dryness can led to wrinkles, so make moisturizing a priority.

Women may also want to consider using a primer under all of their makeup (including foundation). A primer will help smooth out one’s skin, fill in lines and wrinkles and will even make pores smaller. Revlon makes some really good primers.

What else should women do to help their skin? The same things that help their health in general, eat right, exercise, avoid stress, and learn to laugh more and to relax.

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