So You Want to Purchase a Portable Sauna

Like a lot of people, I have always dreamed of having a sauna in my home. In fact, the desire to have a sauna is almost as great as my desire to have a hot tub. Both items take up a specific amount of space, not to mention a specific amount of money. Now that I finally have enough of both and I can indulge myself, I find myself asking, “is it better to have a permanent sauna or a portable model?” There are benefits to both, but I think the portable sauna may have a few extra advantages over a permanent model – namely they cost less and take up less space. And I hate to admit it, but any time I can pay less for something I want while STILL getting the same benefits (in this case detoxification, relaxation, and muscle stimulation) I’m going to check it out!

Although every manufacturer seems to have come up with a unique name and system for their sauna, at the end of the day it comes down to two basic models. Which one you decide on depends a lot on your personal taste and lifestyle. You have the BOX SAUNA which is similar to a traditional sauna and is made for more than one person and then there is the TENT SAUNA which is designed for one person and usually made of vinyl.

Some things to consider:

– A tent sauna costs a fraction of a box sauna. And can be moved anywhere. Want to relax and sweat for awhile while watching Ophra? Easy. Set it up and step inside and you’re off and running.

– Box saunas may be better suited if you want to enjoy the sauna with your spouse or friends or both. Not exactly “portable’ in the sense that you can store it, but not “permanent” either because there is no plumbing or installation to get caught up in.

– Which ever type of sauna you decide on, you’ll need an electric source to plug into.
And speaking of which, don’t forget to read the DIRECTIONS so you know how
much juice it takes to operate.

– Do you want a portable sauna that runs via infrared heat or conventional steam? You’re going to sweat about the same but “dry heat” may be more appealing that steam.

While you’re mulling over the above, let’s talk space. A typical tent sauna measures no more than 680mm long by 720mm wide by 960mm high.

Box saunas are not only larger than tent saunas, but some models can accommodate more than one person and are even larger. A one-person box sauna can measure 45″ wide x 45″ long x 77″ high. Mutli-person models can easily run anywhere from 4′ x 6′ to 5′ x 7.

From a health standpoint, infrared saunas heat the body “directly” rather than heating the air (steam). Fans of infrared saunas claim that the heat penetrates the body deeper than the heat of traditional saunas. This penetration leads to more sweat, which leads to greater detoxification..

From a maintenance standpoint, some brands of infrared saunas can be portable, easier to clean, and quicker to use than traditional saunas.

Your conventional steam sauna on the other hand is known to have several positive affects on the body. For example, it is believed that continued use of a sauna may increase the body’s metabolism and promote healthy looking skin. It is also believed that using such a unit may help to decrease stress and relieve muscle tension

So we’ve talked a bit about modelsâÂ?¦the pro’s and cons of spaceâÂ?¦touched a bit on health benefits. Now the last topic is the most important one. Money. If a tent sauna is what you want, you can expect to spend from about $350.00 at the low end to nearly $1000.00 dollars or more for the high end.

For the box sauna expect anywhere from $1,500 to $5,000 or more. If you have it shipped, then you pick up the tab for that as well.

I live in Italy and everything costs more here. I also wanted a sauna that had room for both me and my wife. Plus, I feel foolish with my head poking out the top of a tent model, I don’t care how comfortable it is.

For me a box sauna was the way to go. But we got an outdoor model so we had a little more room to play withâÂ?¦and play “in” come to think of it!

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