Why Your Skin Needs Shea Butter

Your skin needs moisture to stay resilient, healthy, glowing, and supple. Amongst the hundreds of moisturizers available on the market today, there is one that is considered the ‘crÃ?¨me de la crÃ?¨me’ of all. Shea Butter is a gift from Africa, and can turn almost any dry skin patch into a smooth and supple surface.

Shea Butter has been used for generations in African cultures as a moisturizer, health aid, and healing balm. In its purest forms, it is a solid fat with a high skin absorption rate. This makes Shea Butter a highly valued product for almost all skin types. It does not have a scent or smell, but today’s products offer a variety of aromatic scents and fragrances added to it. This high-fat butter is chock full of naturally occurring Vitamin A, E, an d F. Many women can apply megadoses of Vitamin E to reduce stretch marks, wrinkles, and skin cracks.

Shea butter will prevent bumps from shaving, razor irritation, rashes, and even eczema. Use it sparingly during the summer months as it is very high in moisture; however, winter calls for a different regiment in most states! Shea Butter is a fantastic moisturizer for the outdoor enthusiast who suffers from chapped and cracked skin. Even sunburn in the summer can be soothed and reduced considerably with regular shea butter application. Shea butter has a high level of cinnamic acid, which is a naturally occurring sun screen; it will absorb easily into the skin and pores without clogging.

Some additional, and not widely know, secrets of Shea Butter are include:

� Helping to reduce or eliminate scalp dryness or irritation: this is especially important for those who use chemicals and coloring for their hair

� Restoring natural elasticity after a shower or cold season

� Restoring shine and naturally occurring oils to the hair

� Eliminating dry and uncomfortable patches on feet, elbows, and knees

� Preventing sunburn on sensitive neck and face areas

� Helping heal wounds and encouraging the healing process from scars

Shea Butter naturally revitalizes and refreshes your skin, no matter what condition it may be in. It is best applied when slightly warmed or melted, and can be a very beneficial massage aid for sore muscles and joints! Frequent use of Shea Butter will keep your skin smooth and supple for hours, without any stickiness or greasy feeling. When selecting Shea Butter, be sure to choose a natural-based form in either an unrefined block, or refined to a point where there it retains most of its natural properties. Any processed versions will likely not have beneficial components left, so do seek out only the best! The extra care you take of your skin now will dramatically improve your skin in the subsequent years. Shea Butter is your best choice for a weekly, if not daily, moisturizer!

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