Haircare Basics; Caring for Fine or Limp Hair

As women age, the once beautiful hair begins to thin out and fall limp. Finding the perfect balance of hair care products is challenging and daunting for most women and often results in purchase of very high dollar hair products from the hairdresser. Understanding the natural progression of hair growth and deterioration, in addition to basic guidelines for care, will ensure many years of beautiful and soft hair.

For most, obtaining a fuller and healthier look to fine hair can be achieved through conditioners and gels which contain keratin and collagen. When shampooing with a collagen and keratin based product, be delicate in the shampooing process and avoid overuse of the product. Additionally, be sure to rinse completely as the residual product will weigh the hair down only adding to the limp appearance. Repeat the shampooing process to ensure all residue is removed. During the second shampoo, the lather should appear sooner and be much thicker within the hair strands. Before conditioning, gently squeeze any excess water from the hair. Using your fingers, gently comb the condition through the hair working to avoid contact at the roots. Conditioning the roots further adds to the limp appearance and will weigh the hair down.

Following a wash and condition with the appropriate product, the next recommended avenue for hair improvement is in the method of drying. Scrunching the hair, while drying, is important to disperse heat evenly through the hair follicles. Using a diffuser is not recommended for fine and limp hair as this may produce a frizzy outcome.

Upon completion of drying, to add additional volume, consider using large Velcro rollers just at the roots of the hair so as to add volume to the top while not adding curl to the sides or bottom of the haircut.

Haircuts also play a significant role in improving the quality of fine and limp hair. A shorter cut will give the appearance of added volume although maintaining a shorter cut will require more frequent visits to the hairdresser. Adding color and treatments to fine and limp hair will open the cuticles thereby expanding the thickness of each strand, giving a more volumized appearance.

In addition to hair care products, there are food and vitamin supplements which can be used to improve the appearance of your hair. First, and foremost, increasing the intake of water will add moisture to the skin and hair follicles at the roots. Consuming eggs, diary, beans, green leafy vegetables and fish will improve the hair by adding calcium, copper, iron and magnesium. Oddly enough, an acid found in chocolate, may actually destroy hair follicles.

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