How to Wear a Bathrobe

Finding it hard to wear a bathrobe? Not a problem. It is as simple as it looks. All you have to do is follow a few directions and you will know what to do and how to wear the bathrobe that you have just purchased. Just make sure you do not make a lot of mistakes and you will be good to go.


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    When you have to start wearing a bathrobe, you should know how to put it on. You need to put both your arms inside the sleeves that it offers and make sure you don’t mix the two sides up. If the bathrobe opens from front then you should split the two sides and put the robe behind your back. Now put your right arm inside the sleeve pocket on the right, and your left arm inside the sleeve pocket which is on the left.

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    Once you are done with wearing the bathrobe and it is around your body and is covering your back and knees, it is time for you to close it. Different bathrobes offer different ways to close them down. If the bathrobe was front-open, then it might offer you a small belt to close it down. Look towards your left and right, there must be two pieces of towel-cloth hanging down. Grab them both, and close your robe from the front. After you have closed it, now tie the belt that the robe offers you. Tie it as tightly as you want; just make sure that you are comfortable in it and it will not open until you want it to.

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    Hood/No hood

    Now you should know whether your bathrobe offers a hood or not. If it does, then you should wear the hood. It will help you dry your hair. You don’t have to dry your hair with the robe’s hood every time. You can always use an extra towel and use it to dry your hair. In case your bathrobe does not have a hood at all, then you should buy yourself a new towel. If it matches with the colour of your bathrobe, then it will even look good. Try to wear the towel whenever you are coming out form a bath, or a shower. If you are a girl, then you should wrap a turban around your head and if you are a guy, you can just dry your hair and come out without a towel.

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    You should check whether your bathrobe has pockets or not. It really helps you keep your hands dry. Keep your hands in your pockets if the robe offers pockets. In case it doesn’t, then you should be able to work without the pockets and it is not a big issue. Don’t go back to the outlet to get a robe which has pockets, because they are mostly of no use.

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