How to Make Homemade Acne Spot Treatment

Acne is a skin condition that effects most of us to varying degrees throughout our lives. Although the acne face wash, treatment and prevention business is  a multi-billion dollar one, there are some very effective, simple and natural home made alternatives available to you.

This article provides detailed instructions to aid you in preparing a home made acne spot treatment. Unlike a face wash or cleanser, this concoction is to be placed directly onto your pimple and goes to work to reduce inflammation, redness and the size of your unwelcome facial guests.

Things Required:

– natural ground nutmeg: 1 tablespoon
– milk: 1 tablespoon
– small plate or bowl
– warm water
– soft clean cloth


  • 1

    Prepare the Mixture

    Prepare your spot treatment by combining the nutmeg and milk in a bowl. They should come together to form a paste that will stick to your face when applied. Allow the two to intermingle until a good consistency is achieved.

  • 2

    Apply and Wait

    Gently wash your face with a gentle cleanser or simple lukewarm water. Dry your face and apply the newly made paste to the effected area. You can leave this spot treatment on for anywhere from 20 minutes to leaving it on overnight. The nutmeg is an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial that attacks your pimples while the milk acts to soothe and control face oil.

  • 3

    Wash Off

    Once the allotted time has passed, simply wash your face gently with warm water. Feel free to use a gentle cleanser if you wish to do so. Pat your face dry with a clean towel or cloth and enjoy looking at your disappearing acne.

  • 4


    Any excess mixture can be stored in a sealed plastic container in the fridge for a couple of weeks. If the mixture becomes thick, simply microwave at 15 second intervals (microwave safe container) until both the consistency and temperature are agreeable for your face.

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