What Color is Jesus?

The question on whether Jesus is white has been a topic of debate for many years and those who have both supported and went against this idea have made good arguments, but can they be proven or disproven? the bible says that no one shall worship any graven images or the like and yet when ever a person goes into a church, all they see is staues and paintings of saints, the virgin mary and jesus on a cross.

The question is how can be one of the ten commandments be clearly violated and no one say anything against it? Also if you look at where and how Jesus lived, you could see that the likeness in paintings, sculturpes, etc. cannot be right.. first of all, Jesus or Yashua, in Hebrew, was a Jewish male and jewish males do not wear their hair all the way to their backs nor are blond and have blue eyes.

History has Jesus portrayed as a hippie in a bathrobe, but that’s not the case. Jesus was not white neither. He was probably fair-skinned and and short or braided hair and was more like a stonemason than a carpenter. Jesus caould have been black. Who knows? I know that those images in churches, on your mother or grandmother’s wall and elsewhere is not accurate and should be taken down in respect for the graven images commandment and besides, Jesus is bigger than any image.

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