Chili Technology ChiliCloud Cooling Pillow: First Person Review

Sometime I think that all I need to be happy in life is the right pillow. Sounds like an exaggeration, but a bad pillow can really ruin a whole day to me when my back, head, and shoulders start throbbing. In my search for the right pillow, I recently came across the ChiliCloud Cooling Pillow made by Chili Technology. Before I received the item, I was having a really bad backache as I used a memory pillow that was over a year old. Old pillows do have a tendency to lose their supportive quality.

Description of the Review Process
My process for reviewing the new pillow required several days. Most noticeably, my back immediately felt more supported with the new pillow. I would assume that old memory foam pillows lose their support after some time. My new pillow, the x1Gel ChiliCloud pillow, has a 30-day comfort guarantee. As I tried the pillow out, I thought the comfort was very good. I felt that the pillow had a good amount of support as well as softness. While the pillow has memory foam on both sides, there a few features that make the item different from some other memory foam pillows on the market.

My new pillow has a layer of cooling 3D gel on one side, which would be excellent for people who get really hot when sleeping. Personally, I don’t have a problem of feeling too hot when I’m sleeping, but I know my husband does sometime. Because only one side has cooling gel, the pillow would be great for my husband and I to share. Another reason I like the X1 model with one side of cooling gel would be that in winter, most people wouldn’t need to use the cooling gel. While flipping the pillow to the other side has no cooling effect, there are still several advantages over some other pillows on the market.

Pillows are made with real coconut oil, which creates a refreshing scent. Some people who sweat at night might want to replace their old pillow full of odor with the product I reviewed. Personally, I am very sensitive to scents. Heavily scented products often give me allergies and can create eczema. I appreciated the light scent of the coconut, which actually made me feel very refreshed and didn’t create any irritation. I felt that the coconut scent was my favorite feature the product had. I think people who really like the cooling feature might prefer the model that has the cooling gel on both sides, the X2 model. Know that the product is a little larger than a standard pillow. I personally liked the large size because the product was very cuddly, but double check that you have the right sized pillow case.

I received a free item to help inform my writing.

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