Halloween Costume Rules

Majority of us are all grown up adults. The idea of being someone or something else for a day is totally intriguing to the average human. It is another opportunity to express oneself. If you like cats, then dress up like a cat. If you want to be Diana Ross, and you are a man, you can do so. But, you can only be this person or thing for one day. Anything after Halloween will be subject to wonder, and eye brow lifting by your peers, and family.

Halloween is notorious for festive parties, parades, and gatherings which are simply venues for your self expression. This is where you can show off your costumed work of art. How exciting? But, the next question is: what will I wear? Am I going over the top? Or, will I just buy a mask just to be social, and fit in with everyone else? Once you figure out that you want to pull off a Tinker Bell-Scooby Doo-Lil’ Jon Fusion you need to find a store that will accommodate your theme and taste.

Now, the best places to find Halloween outfits would have to be a second hand store, wig shop, and Wal-Mart. The idea of mixing really old cheap digs with really new cheap digs topped off with a wig is a great combo that will only make your outfit a hit. You will get a standing ovation at any event you grace with your presence albeit, a parade, house party, lounge or club.

Every costume deserves a wig, hat, extreme make up, and/or a mask. There is no exception you must have at least one of the mentioned to really pull it off. Your face and head have to be adorned in some way. It is a part of the Halloween Rule Book. Now, your outfit can be simple or explosive. Some people fair well with a wig and maybe an all black jump suit with a florescent sequined belt. Anything that’s flashy is a go. Self expression is the key.

Halloween Costume Tips:

For The Over The Top Outfit
This is for the flashy type who wants everyone to comment on their outfit. This person may pay a bit more for an extravagant outfit. Normally, these outfits consists of really loud colors, heavy layering, mix and match fabric, wigs, hats, heavy make up. And, usually, it’s a dude dressed up like a lady. These outfits can be found anywhere from grandmother’s house, Ricky’s, arts and craft stores, Wal-Mart or second hand stores. An over the top outfit is anything that is heavily themed, extreme, extravagant and flashy.

For The Simple Outfit
This is for the person who wants to go to the Halloween party, but really could care less about dressing up. This is a quick fix. This person needs simplicity. Honestly, a nice mask and maybe a super man Tee shirt and a pair of jeans will do the trick. You may get a few, “cool mask” comments, but no one is going to take a picture with you. Wal-Mart or Ricky’s can be the solvent.

For The Blend of Both Outfit
This is for the person who wants a balance. They really do not want too much attention, but they do not want to be left in the dark. Normally, a nice themed outfit will do. Maybe a nice Cat woman, Peter Pan, a pumpkin, and/or Beyonce’ outfit will maintain the balance. These are always fun choices. Again, any party store, Wal-Mart or costume jewelry place will suffice.
To conclude, it really does not matter what you wear. Regardless of what you decide upon keep in mind that your outfit is special because you created it. The idea is to express yourself, have fun and enjoy a day of being someone or something else.

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